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Mini Hideout Player Home - converted from Fallout 3 for use in TTW.

Permissions and credits
Huge thank you to Rayek for allowing me to post this conversion! <3 Rayek has been a fantastic stream of inspiration for myself and many other modders.

Mini Hideout adds a small and compact player home in Springvale, under the Red Rocket. The key can be found in a mailbox near one of the houses. (see screenshots) The hideout includes custom katanas from the  "Some Katanas" mod by necKros and a custom weapon from the "HK416 SOPMOD" mod by munkeenuts and dcpuser.

Mini Hideout Features:

From Mini Hideout's Fallout 3 Page

-3 Equippable Katanas
-Hidden Room
-Computer Butler for Haircut/Surgery
-Jacuzzi/Hot Tub (Removes Rads)
-Mannequin display (male or female)
-NavMeshed for companions (includes idle markers)
-Katana Fountain/Shrine (remountable Katanas)
-Aquarium (animated fish, bubbles)
-Custom Bobblehead Display Case (can use bobbles from other houses)
-Water Purifier
-Map Marker for Fast Travel
-Separate storage labeled Armor|Weapons|Tools|Ammo|Explosives|First Aid|Junk|Storage
-2 Floor Safes (key required/auto re-lock)
-Purified Sink
-Classic Nuka Refrigerator
-Pristine Nuka Cola Machine (for Ice-Cold Nukas)
-Well Rest Bed
-Wall Mounted Jukebox GNR (click on outer bar to activate) - The jukebox will contain static until the GNR restoration quest is completed.
-Display Case
-Hidden Hatch Entrance (key required)
-Bathroom (can sit on toilet)
-Fungus Garden (self watering with switch)
-Hidden Wall Safe (key required)
-Ammo/Explosives Sorter
-Food, Medical and Tool/Component Sorters ***I considered removing this, it will not sort FNV items in TTW***
-Light Switches
-Water Switches
-Wonder Meat Maker

What's Changed in this Conversion?

-The Mannequins were removed (the custom mannequin race was wholly incompatible with TTW, way too many bugs)
-Fixed the bobblehead display to use the Survival bobblehead, replacing Big Guns (removed by TTW)
-Fixed collision issue in the not-so-secret cave
-Adjusted audio on custom HK weapon,  balancing highs and resolving blown out audio issues caused by game engine differences
-Fixed broken C.H.R.I.S dialogue, restoring an option that was inaccessible due to a small bug in the original mod
-Adjusted audio files for C.H.R.I.S, balancing highs and resolving blown out audio issues caused by game engine differences
-Restored a cut asset for C.H.R.I.S. I thought it looked nice, so it was included
-Added a hotplate and ingredient storage
-Added a reloading bench and material storage
-The original sorting system was left unaltered. Mostly because I didn't want to add anything new to the hideout terminal. Doing so would stray too far from the scope of converting the mod and keeping the original feel. It only sorts Fallout 3 items. I HIGHLY suggest you use "STASH ORGANIZER" by Eddoursul instead of using this mod's sorting system.

Lighting and Optimization

The lighting techniques used in the original Mini Hideout mod may cause heavy frame issues. I considered fixing and relighting the cell with this release, but some fans of the original may find the difference in lighting a downgrade. I decided to keep the original mod's lighting in an effort to preserve the work done by Rayek. It has a unique look to it, and that is one of the many things that I've always appreciated about Mini Hideout. 

Note: The aforementioned lighting design issue can cause some visual eyesores with lighting mesh edits like those within Lumen or lighting extenders like NVR.

Future Plans

I've decided to fork any of my vision-altering changes to a different upcoming mod; Rayek's Retreat. Including optimized, scratch made lighting. Progress is well underway with the small expansion project to Mini Hideout. Some features that have already been implemented or may be considered include:
-Moving Mini Hideout's location
-Constructing an above ground house whose basement leads to Mini Hideout
-Potential new hallway branches for Mini Hideout; kitchen, restroom, botany to name a few
-Short quest introduction
-Underground farming additions
-Snow globe display
-Small armory / display room
-Additional butler dialogue, with a new voice actor (no disrespect to the lovely original VA - TehFreeman, this is a necessity when adding new lines)
-Vanilla style weapon replacements for Katanas and HK weapon
-More companion support

I'm open to accepting ideas that I find interesting / plausible. Please leave your requests in the comments :)


This conversion is my first ever attempt at modding. None of this would be possible had I not been aided by RoyBatty, The Many, and Sweet6Shooter. Roy helped immensely with the conversion process, alongside answering questions and giving me plenty of tips for what would still need to be done. Many gave me a great crash course to the GECK, answering my questions and helping with the conversion steps. Sweet helped me squash bugs that I introduced to the mod :)

Of course, I need to shoutout the folks behind the original Mini Hideout. Please download and endorse the original mod and check out the full credits: Mini Hideout

Thank you to Rayek and Wyked for creating the mod and CMF for the foundation they built off of. necKros for "Some Katanas". munkeenuts and dcpuser for "HK416 SOPMOD". TehFreeman for the voice acting. Skykappa for the fridge textures. Malo for the aquarium. AndyW for the original mannequin mod. Coneman for his mod called "Bathroom". Orophin for his Water Purifying Script. Wyked for all his scripting work on the hideout. 1337s0u1 for the rad removal jacuzzi. Miss Sparkly for her display fix and support. Mr. Eaton for his light misalignment fix and bobblehead display design ideas.


When it comes to my conversion you can use it however you'd like! HOWEVER you must adhere to Rayek's permissions first and foremost, including but not limited to crediting all of those involved with the original mod.