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Allows player to keep the surgery scar from Point Lookout as long as they want and gives the player a bullet wound scar at the start of New Vegas.

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I was playing TTW and decided it would be fun to roleplay my character gradually accumulating scars over the course of their adventures. So I made this mod which allows you to collect and keep scars from the repeated cranial abuse your wanderer encounters in their adventurers as long as you want.

Point Lookout

You no longer have to ask Nadine to remove your scar to progress her part of the main quest. If you want to get it removed at any point during or after the Point Lookout main quest talk to Nadine and ask her to remove it. I tweaked the texture of the scar so it looks more faded and scabbed over so it doesn't look as out of place weeks after you've completed the expansion.

New Vegas
When you wake up in Doc Mitchell's office you'll find a bullet wound in your forehead. If you want to get rid of it just talk to Doc Mitchell and ask him to remove it.

The scar in this mod uses the Earring slot instead of the Hair slot, so it shouldn't limit your ability to wear most helmets and doesn't hide your hair. It will conflict with equipment added by other mods which also uses the Earring slot.

This mod was partly inspired by TTW Point Lookout Head Scar with Helmets but uses no assets from that mod. I manually recreated the faded version of the Point Lookout scar by hand from the original texture.