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The "Terrifying Presence" perk provides a chance to 'taunt' after dismembering an enemy, sending their teammates fleeing for a few seconds.

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Dynamic Terrifying Presence NVSE

In the vanilla game, Terrifying Presence lacks any practical or general use.
It's a perk meant to appeal to combat-heavy players, but only sees use through a few dialogue options scattered throughout the game.

Now with Terrifying Presence, your character will have a chance to 'taunt' after dismembering an enemy.
For just a moment, your vision will flash red and you'll howl out, sending enemies fleeing for a few seconds.

The goal is to make Terrifying Presence a more attractive option for your next playthrough, adding some mechanical novelty to the combat and providing some roleplaying flair.
It also works well with high-lethality playthroughs, where added crowd control can quickly shift the tide of a firefight.

Implementation is entirely through scripting, and doesn't touch the perk itself. Should be compatible with a variety of mods.
Alternative version available for Scared Shitless

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