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Adds roughly an hour of smooth jazz to the Mysterious Broadcast from Old World Blues. Also fixes a bug with "Begin Again" not playing properly.

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M.R.E. aims to expand upon the Mysterious Broadcast by adding roughly an hour's worth of smooth relaxing jazz. M.R.E. also fixes a bug that previously prevented Vera Key's Begin Again from playing on the station. What makes this different from other radio expansion mods is that I've taken the time to properly format and balance the audio in order to get the optimal gameplay experience. Radio mods typically annoy me because they're wildly inconsistent with audio volume and quality. I opted to go for the quality over quantity approach - there are around 15 songs but I've taken the time to ensure they're properly implemented and have appropriate quality and volume levels. I've also paid close attention to the overall vibe of the Mysterious Broadcast and have retained the over chill, non-lyrical jazz music. This station is by far my favorite one in Fallout, so I didn't want to taint it with anything that didn't fit the style or vibe Obsidian was originally going for. 

I would recommend everyone to download and configure Stewie's Tweaks which has a plethora of amazing tweaks to make radio stations more convenient, like adjusting radio volume through hotkey and even being able to skip songs on the radio. 

1. "All Blues" - Miles Davis
2. "Autumn Leaves" - Chet Baker & Paul Desmond
3. "Moonglow" - The Benny Goodman Quartet
4. "Ladyfingers" - Herp Albert's Tijuana Brass
5. "Freddie Freeloader" - Miles Davis
6. "In The Mood" - Glenn Miller Orchestra
7. "Moanin'" - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
8. "Take Five" - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
9. "Say It" - John Coltrane
10. "Too Young To Go Steady" - John Coltrane
11. "The Blues and the Abstract Truth" - Oliver Nelson
12. "Song For My Father" - Horace Silver
13. "Ernie's Tune" - Dexter Gordon
14. "That's Life (Instrumental)" - Taken from "Joker" (2019)

This mod will likely be incompatible with anything that alters the Mysterious Broadcast radio station. Mysterious Broadcast Fix is not necessary because this mod fixes the same issue. 

This Requires the Old World Blues DLC to be installed.