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Just a simple json edit to expand the range of vanilla weapons using Hitman's animations

Permissions and credits
This started with a simple fix for the Plasma Defender (GRA) that wasn't included in Hit's Anims season 2 and turned into a hunt to purge the vanilla animations from the game. If you know of any other vanilla weapons that could use hitman's animations please let me know and I'll include it on the script.

NOTE: Fully compatible actually just means draw, holster, reload and fire work fine (I'm too lazy to test beyond that)

Weapons Affected by this mod:

Fully compatible:
  • Van Graff Laser Rifle -> Laser Rifle
  • Van Graff Plasma Rifle -> Plasma Rifle
  • Missing Laser Pistol -> Laser Pistol
  • Plasma Defender GRA -> Plasma Defender
  • Compliance Regulator -> Laser Pistol
  • Recharger Pistol -> Plasma Defender
  • Holorifle -> Hunting Shotgun
  • H&H Tools nail gun -> Vance's 9mm SMG

Partially compatible:
  • Alien Blaster -> Laser Pistol

Just use the mod manager of your choice, load order probably doesn't matter

All credit goes to Hitman for making the amazing animations