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Displays a kill feed on the screen, similar to FPS games.

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This mod displays a kill feed on the left side of the screen, similar to games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Whenever the player or an NPC dies, the feed will display who killed who, along with an icon of the weapon that was used. All weapons from the base game and DLCs are included. The feed also acts like a scroll, meaning that each new kill will push older kills below it, and it will continue in that cycle.

Included in the download is an optional ini that allows you to change to a different version of the kill feed. This alternative version will display the kill feed in text format on the top center of the screen, similar to The Elder Scrolls ll: Daggerfall. Other options in the ini file include the ability to move the feed anywhere on the screen, change the color, play a sound when the feed is shown, or show the level of the NPCs in the feed as well. For a brief demonstration, check out the video below.


Extract the contents of the zip file into your data directory and then activate the plugin.

Other Details

This mod uses sFontFile_3 in the Fallout.ini. If you're using another UI mod that changes sFontFile_3, this mod will use JIP's extra fonts feature to maintain the vanilla font for the kill feed. It's nothing to worry about, it will not change the fonts that your custom UI has installed, it will only ensure that the kill feed maintains the vanilla font path for sFontFile_3. For modders, font slot 31 is used for this mod.

Regarding custom weapons:

Anro19 for creating the foundation of the XML and making the weapon icons. Without him, this new update to the mod would not have been made. I'm also grateful for everything that he's taught me about XML.

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