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A full kNVSE animation set for the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon, compatible with Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered.

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If you've ever tried out the FN P90 in Fallout New Vegas, whether from Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered or directly from the original P90 mod, you'll know how broken the animations for the weapon are. Well no more I say! Behold: a full, first person animation set made possible thanks to kNVSE, as well as several fellow modders and animators who helped me along the way. This is my first mod upload on Nexus lets GOOOOO


This set covers every first person animation, as well as B42 Inspect animations. It uses Frozen's locomotion anims and uses a modified P90 mesh (thanks Rage) in order to allow the charging handle to move. There are two files, one with just the anims, but the other also contains a script that increases the awfully slow fire rate of the P90 in CFWR and the original P90 mod.


Make sure to download kNVSE Animation Plugin, so as to allow weapons to have unique animations in the first place.
This animation set will work with either Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered or the original P90 mod. It also works with B42 Inspect, and in general I would recommend getting B42 Inertia for best results. Also be sure to download JIP LN as well as AnhNVSE in order for the higher fire rate script to actually work.

Big thanks to RageNClear, who modified the P90 mesh in order to allow the charging handle to move
Sweet6Shooter for making the script for faster fire rate, I am not knowledgeable at all when it comes to scripting
Thanks to audixas for introducing me to animating for Fallout New Vegas
Johnson for the FNV rigs
Xolerys for coming in clutch and fixing my ironsight animations kekw
FantabulousTexan for the reshade that let me make the thumbnail
Frozen for the slick looking locomotion animations
D3IMUDD4 for the original P90 mod and making it open source for use anywhere.

and in general, to the Fallout New Vegas animation community, thank you.