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Introduces crafting interfaces to The Sink's personalities.

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This mod introduces crafting interfaces to The Sink’s personalities, allowing you to choose what items to break down, and improving the modability of The Sink.

Some QOL changes have also been implemented:
  • The message boxes that ask if you would like to process items will now be skipped taking you immediately to the recipe menu and triggering optional bonuses, like Muggy giving you electronic components, at the same time.
  • Messages telling you you have personality voices disabled are now removed.
  • Additional items can now be broken down, such as Leaf Blowers and other similar junk items.
  • Additional plant items can now be processed and cloned.

Other changes:
  • Cloning has been slightly rebalanced. Now, you need to have one of the plants in your inventory to clone it. The way I interpret this, you're spreading the green over the plant, copying the DNA. Like that one Star Trek: Voyager episode with the gray goo. As a counter to this change, you can now clone any plant at the Biological Research Station without needing to have one in your inventory.