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Roy Batty - lStewieal

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Restores Fallout 3 weapon degrading, repair and overhauls the difficulty of the game for a much harder experience and slower progression.

Permissions and credits
Roys Overhaul Of Gameplay

Want a more difficult brutal game play experience? This is your mod then. I made various tweaks to everything to give it weight, slower levelling, more brutal debuff effects, no fast traveling, no healing from beds and many other things listed below. This mod is intended to be used with Hardcore mode on Very Hard difficulty in tandem with BLEED and SawyerBatty to give you an FWE like experience in Tale of Two Wastelands.


  • 33 special points
  • 5 base skill points/level, max is 12 with 10 int and Educated perk
  • 0 skill points in all skills (traits matter more!)
  • 45 Action Point base, reduced from 65
  • Fallout 3 repair (you can't repair over your skill level, repair kits react to skill more)
  • Fallout 3 weapon degrading (all weapon health adjusted)
  • increased rad rates
  • increased hardcore rates
  • chems, magazines, books, reloading supplies, caps, and weapon mods have weight
  • vendors only buy items they sell
  • no fast travel
  • no healing from beds
  • weapon skill matters (higher penalty)
  • weapon gun damage cap thing (continues to degrade down to 30% health instead of 70%)
  • no damage reduction in VATS
  • much reduced XP for kills and minigames
  • higher condition rate for weapon damage reduction
  • higher condition rate for fire rate reduction
  • higher skill rate for melee/unarmed damage reduction
  • perks Chem Resistant, Fast Metabolism, Fortune Finder, Rad Resistance and Scrounger raised to min level 20
  • perk Junk Rounds change to Intelligence 6 instead of Luck, Repair requirement reduced to 15 from 45
  • perks Jury Rigging, Long Haul, No Weakness, Almost Perfect, Here and Now removed
  • increased debuffs for addictions
  • no food healing
  • increased debuffs for radiation sickness, dehydration, sleep deprevation and starvation
  • encounter zones removed from most areas so enemies respawn and are always leveled
  • 75% of damage to enemy required to gain XP for the kill
  • reduced player level health multiplier by half
  • reduced player endurance health multiplier by half

This mod is take it or leave it, I don't make mods to be configurable so don't ask.

This mod is my personal tweaks, how I like the game, if you don't like it, don't use it.