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A remastered version of a short adventure mod that adds a new player home with a mysterious, ghastly backstory.

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Talk has spread quickly among the wasteland about a suspicious overpass running parallel to Arefu. During one quiet summer night, loud gunshots and screams of agony rang out from the area, only to fall silent just as quickly as whatever calamity occurred had started. To investigate seems to be a suicide mission at first, but regardless, you make a note to investigate at your own convenience.


The Overpass - Remastered - Tale of Two Wastelands Version


The remastered version of The Overpass has made its return to Nexus Mods! In this mod, engage in a completely unmarked quest exploring a mysterious overpass near Arefu, piecing together the events that occurred prior to the Lone Wanderer's arrival.

(Pay attention to the notes; they will guide you through the quest.)

You can even fix up the settlement: clean up the buildings, hire new guards, add in new features, and make the overpass a small stronghold in the storm that is the Capital Wasteland.


A Few Notes:

This is the remastered version of The Overpass for Tale of Two Wastelands that I released in 2020, and is being released as-is. After a few months of deliberation, I decided that punishing the users for the August changes to file archival was unfair and pulling the files probably shouldn't have happened. (It was a move made in solidarity with other modders that pulled their content.) So I'm beginning the process of putting them back up.

Thank you for your understanding.


Installation Notes:
You do not have to have the original version of The Overpass to use this mod; this package is completely self-contained and is easily installable through your favorite mod manager (or a manual mod installation into your Data folder if you're feeling dangerous on this particular day!)