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Retexture of New Vegas' skill magazines using high-quality artwork by PommyMax, Bruno Sathler and Charlie Wilcher.

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Greetings, you 'orrible lot!

Over the last 11 years of New Vegas modding, I've felt rather disenchanted by the (meager) selection of skill magazine retextures on offer.
They're not bad by any means. I had razzy1319's Magazine Redux in my load order for many years.
However, I've yearned for a retexture that was more congruent with the vanilla art style.

When PommyMax released his Magazine Resources in early 2021, I was excited and hopeful for a set of magnificent, high-quality magazine
retextures in vain of the vanilla aesthetic. In those resources, Pommy completed magazine retextures for the True Police Stories,
Lad's Life, and ¡La Fantoma!. Regrettably, he decided to refocus his efforts elsewhere and seemingly abandoned the project.

Thankfully, Pommy provided Photoshop files as well as the freedom to use his assets. I'm certainly not a professional artist like some of
you here, but I'm somewhat competent in Photoshop, so I've decided to take up the mantle and attempt to wrap things up.

Using Pommy's magazine resources and the stellar artwork of Bruno Sathler and Charlie Wilcher, I spent a couple of hours editing
until I had something to my liking. Thus and thus, I present to ye Magazines of Unparalleled Æsthetic Quality.

Two quality options are available:

  • 1K (512x512 Normals)
  • 512x512 (256x256 Normals)

By no means is this retexture perfect, but I'm content with it, and that's good enough for me. And no, I will not be making 2K versions.
You might think your PC is a "Gigachad" and can handle it, but the Gamebryo engine doesn't see it that way.

Please note that these textures are provided as-is. No further updates are planned.

Thanketh thee and enjoyeth!



I take zero credit for the work. The credit belongs to the superb artists that made this possible

Magazine resources by PommyMax
Artwork by Bruno Sathler
Artwork by Charlie Wilcher
In-game screenshots by DanteFettman

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