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A merged version of the Deserter's Fortress mod by dree74, containing both the 1.1 update and the Demi story add on.

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No longer do you have to choose between the bug fixes of Deserter's Fortress's 1.1 update and the fun bits of lore added by the Demi story addon!  I've gone through and manually merged the changes of the main 1.0 ESM, the 1.1 ESP, and the Demi ESP.  All components in one convenient ESM.
I've also gone and made some spellcheck corrections and minor adjustments.

As long as you state the credit to my original mod, you can publish anything you want with my mods.

This mod is published with full permission from dree74 and requires you to download the original Deserter's Fortress mod.


1. Download and install the 1.0 ESM file from the original mod page.  This is so you have all the assets.
2. Download the 1.1 ESP update, and install the Sound folder in the same folder as your 1.0 ESM.  You can discard the rest.
3. Download my merged ESM and overwrite the 1.0 ESM.
4. Enjoy the ability to play the mod using only one plugin instead of 2-3.

Let me know if any notable bugs pop up.