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Millenia Heffy hitman47101 and kouoaeha

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Adds a a KAC SR-47 and SR-74

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Remember to show your appreciation for all the hard work Anirvanas has put into his animations!
We wouldn't have the amazing mods we have now if it wasn't for him! 

UPDATE!!! 3/30/2022
Added animations made by Anirvana!
Reworked the Leveled list script thanks to Sweet6Shooter!
and finally fixed a few errors I had made With the mesh

This mod adds in the best rendition of the KAC SR-47 and SR-74 I could piece together. :P 

Stats are as followed
Ammo without patch 5mm
Value - 2000 caps
weight -  6
base damage - 26
firerate of 9.000000 (same as the 10mm SMG)
Red Dot sight

ammo without patch 5.56mm
Value - 2000 caps
weight -  6
base damage - 20
firerate of 11.000000 (same as the 9mm SMG)
Short Scope 

both guns and mods are added to leveled lists and can be bought from venders and found on enemies!

Includes 2 versions 

Standard version that uses Vanilla Ammo
And a version for Heffys AKs and AR15s Weapons Pack that makes them use their proper ammo types 
(SR-47 = 7.62×39mm)
(SR-74 = 5.45×39mm)

have fun! :D
if you have any problems or inquiries feel free to let me know!

Any and all credit goes to the Following individuals!
Millenia and Heffy for the models and textures used to make the gun!
Anirvanas for making these awesome animations!
Sweet6Shooter for helping me fix up the script!
kouoaeha for the Aimpoint Micro T-1 -Modder Resource!
RaiserFullArmor for requesting I make this!
Kormakur for KNVSE!

to my knowledge Millenias mods are free to modify and upload that's why I'm uploading this Patch!