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Full animation set for the Hunting Rifle and Paciencia.

Permissions and credits
Requires kNVSE version 17.0 or above


My take on animations for the Hunting Rifle.

  • Idle and Iron Sights Idle
  • Fire
  • ISControl support if you have the meshes for it
  • ReloadPartial/Tactical reload
  • Jam
  • Equip and unequip
  • Built-in TTW support
  • Rumble/Vibration feedback if you use a controller
  • Full movement set including sneak
  • Full jump set including sneak
  • Full injured movement set
  • A custom inspect idle just for this set, if you use our Inspect mod
  • ESPless fixed attack speed using JIPs ScriptRunner.


Someone: Is this compatible with X?

Me: Should be compatible with everything that doesn't try to do the exact same thing.

Someone: Why did you make this mod?

Me: Stewie likes it.


Installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager, I recommend the later for easy uninstallation.


Installation in reverse.

Credits & Thanks:

Kormakur for kNVSE
Jazzisparis for JIPLN and ScriptRunner