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This is a complete overhaul of the Spice of Life plugin. Nearly all new items have been renamed, given vanilla-esque Editor IDs, condition lists, custom balanced effects, new repair lists, new stats, and all integrations are done via script, for complete compatibility.

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This is a complete overhaul of the Spice of Life plugin. Nearly all new items have been renamed, given vanilla-esque Editor IDs, condition lists, custom balanced effects, new repair lists, new stats, and all integrations are done via script, for complete compatibility. The goal is Vanilla+ here, and to make everything feel natural and not out of place.

Since all of the editor IDs have been changed, pretty much any patch that requires the original plugin will not be compatible. Mesh changes which don't use an esp are fine.

All of the renaming has been in effort to match vanilla conventions and generally maintain simplicity. Items which didn't look amazing, or didn't quite line up with body geometry correctly have been cut. All armors have had their editor IDs adjusted for simplicity of interacting with this file. All items have their own condition lists, and they've been integrated to locations that make sense. They'll overall show up less often than they did in the original plugin.

I regret to say it, but this mod has received it's final update in this format. Due to the nature of TTW's changes to item values, it's an enormous pain to version for both TTW and NV versions of armor, weapon, and ingestible mods. The extra work required now is prohibitive to my productivity.
This version will stay up indefinitely, for NV and 3.2.2 users, who it should continue to work for reliably.
I will be including this in STAR TTW (Sweet's Total Armor Redux) for 3.3 forward.


A moderate amount of DR has been added to pretty much every outfit, in relation to each's DT.*

The direct edits on entries on the head wraps and bandanas to fix their biped flags have been left intact. The Authority Glasses also have a direct entry, to normalize their daytime speech bonus with the aviators. Place this plugin lowest in your mod order to ensure consistency.

The confederate headwrap has been replaced completely. It's now an Independent Vegas headwrap, featuring the headwrap from Spice of Life Confederate Headwrap Replacer. As a bonus, the Southwest Commonwealth and Nevada headwraps are added as additional, integrated headwear.
The trans and non-binary ones are available too, but since they're not super lore friendly, I just made a little config ini to have the mod give you one, once, at startup, if turned on.
Neither of them is added to the headwrap repair list, so you won't accidentally repair something else with them. I'll add an option that you can turn on to give you one freely at any time, if requested.

*A patch to remove DR additions is now available. This patch simply unilaterally removes every item's DR. DR was an important factor in how some of these items were balanced, so this patch will result in a less balanced experience. It's not recommended.

Certain items have special effects:
Many of these effects have been changed as of v4. I don't want to go back and type them all out again. Just think of these as examples of the type of things I did:

Thug Outfit increases Melee by 5, with an additional +3 if the wearer's karma is evil or very evil.
Aviators grant +2 speech during the day.
Backpacks reduce your AP and Agility, but this penalty declines or disappears as the wearer's Survival skill increases.
Themed backpacks increase their relevant skill (medic increases medicine, etc), and increase it a little bit more with high Agility.
Face bandanas grant a small bonus to guns if the wearer's karma is evil or very evil.
Each gas mask has a custom effect set. Some are balanced to be well armored enough for combat, but with lower durability than regular helmets.
Phantom gas masks' perception malus goes away above 85 Survival.
Gloves generally grant 1 point of Unarmed and Unarmed damage each, higher quality ones grant an additional small bonus with high Strength or Agility.
Gloves can show up solo or with their appropriate pairing.
Desert-y items grant a small bonus to survival when outdoors.
Mad scientist scanner goggles grant +1 perception if the wearer's Int or Science skill is high enough.
Certain themed headwear like the pirate headwrap grant a lil crit chance.
Ponchos have unique, small bonuses.

Camo and Leather Backpacks have +35 lb. Medium tier backpacks like the Wasteland, Explosives, and Ballistics have +45 lb., but they generally have other bonuses to make up for the small improvement in carry weight. Heavy backpacks range from +55 to +75 lb.

The camo backpack itself weighs 3 lbs., to convey the awkwardness of carrying a backpack without, you know, using it. The leather backpack weighs 5 lbs., but it has much higher health and it's easier to repair. The explosives backpack weighs 8 lbs.,  ballistic weighs 10, wasteland weighs 8, both military ones weigh 12, and the scavenger backpack weighs 14 lbs.

The scavenger backpack, (+75 lbs.) is the only one above +55. It reduces AGI by 2 until Survival 70+, where it drops to -1 AGI. It also reduces your action points by 40, and is reduced by survival until a final value of -25.

The medic backpack only offers +25 lbs., in exchange for a pretty decent med buff.

Small backpacks have a -5 Sneak penalty with less than 6 AGI. Medium backpacks have a -10 to Sneak, but half of that can be removed with AGI 7+. Specialty medium backpacks, like the explosives and ballistics, have a flat -10. Large backpacks have a flat -15. This has been done to make lower tier backpacks more appealing in comparison to the later ones. 

I've always had a distaste for how much of a "default, no brainer" putting on a backpack at all times has been for most of the backpack mods for Fallout games. I think I've struck a nice balance between making sure they're worthwhile, but not appropriate for every situation or build.

Since backpack health has been adjusted with intention that it will matter, Better Balanced Backpacks or mig's Armor Damage Overhaul are highly recommended.

Pretty much every item has a disparate config option to disable it, with the notable exception of the accessories. There are reduced poncho accessory options, but further than that they're all on/off at the same time.

There is an option in the config ini to have desert themed items automatically turn off their ini options depending on whether you're in DC or NV.

JIP LN, xNVSE, Johnny, the usual stuff.
Requires the original file:
Spice of Life

Install the original, then overwrite it's esp with mine.
Place this very low in your load order, it's safe to do so. The only overwrites are on the headwraps.
Install the config ini.

JSUE: Use the backpack patch to reduce their provided carry weight. Other than that, based off user reports, it should be perfectly compatible. Use the regular DR version of the plugin if you use it's armor stat patcher, so that my DR choices for balancing will be somewhat merged with that mod's preferences.

Right now, it's a lil awkward to get merchants to use backpacks more often. I'll try to improve it.


Is this compatible with ___ mod that changes the body type needed?
Mesh patches are fine.
Is this compatible with ___ mod that requires the plugin?
Will you bring ___ item back, I really liked it.

Upcoming Versions:
I plan to change the backpacks from reducing AP to reducing AP regen instead, and add an AP penalty to gas masks.

New headwrap textures from Spice of Life Confederate Headwrap Replacer by LynryBarkly and MysteryMachineX

Do whatever with my esp work.

My Other Mods:
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Aid Addon
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