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Brings VATS melee animations back from the dead, thanks to kNVSE

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Melee VATS Animation Restoration

Quite frankly, the best way to explain what this mod does is for you to go into Fallout 3, try punching or stabbing some randos in VATS mode, then come back to Fallout NV and try doing the same. You'll notice some slight differences.

This mod forces the player to use the F3 melee attack animations in VATS mode, which came shipped with NV, but then Obsidian did something that prevents them from being used. Except not entirely. It's really weird, and I'm really tired after copypasting and editing 200 files.

But the meat of it is that I couldn't restore the animations that automatic melee weapons were supposed to use. Namely those intended for the Ripper, and Auto-Axe from The Pitt. For everything else, I've setup the animation priority and use case in the included .json file, which you can edit yourself in notepad. I'm serious. Figure out how to change whatever you don't like there. I'm not touching this any further :P

Many thanks to Kormakur for teaching me how to use his amazing plugin. The sky's the limit now.