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If you decided to trap Elijah in the Sierra Madre Vault, he will escape and hunt you down after 3 days. Also includes a GOLD! Edition that makes him stronger the more gold bars you pick up.

Permissions and credits

This mod was based on a comment someone made on Discord and inspired by the Joshua Graham's Revenge mod. It makes Elijah confront the player after 3 days if they trap him in the Sierra Madre. Does it go against the whole message of the DLC and ruin pacifist playthroughs? Maybe, but whatever, it's fun to think that nothing can contain his intellect.


Standard Edition: Trap Elijah in the vault, and once you leave the Abandoned BoS Bunker, you have 3 days before he comes back and hunts you down. There will be a few dialogue options but ultimately, peace was never an option.

GOLD! Edition: Same as the Standard Edition, except Elijah gets a health, DR, DT, and Crit Chance boost every time a gold bar is picked up, making him much tougher to fight.


The LIP files for his dialogue are slightly off, but it shouldn't be too noticeable.

For some reason in the GOLD! Edition, I can't edit out a script line I added as a test which adds a 10mm pistol to the player's inventory when they enter the trigger. I didn't have that problem with the Standard Edition even though they're the same script, but whatever. It just works!

Due to the script being attached to gold bars in general instead of giving each individual gold bar a persistent reference, one could technically achieve the same effect of having all 37 gold bars and maxing out Elijah's strength by dropping and picking back up a single gold bar 37 times. 


To do it manually, put FatherElijahEscapes.esp or FatherElijahEscapesGOLDEdition.esp in your Data folder, and the FatherElijahEscapes.esp folder or FatherElijahEscapesGOLDEdition.esp folder in the Data\Sound\Voice folder. Remove the ESP file and folder to uninstall.

Alternatively, you can use a mod manager.


Dead Money


Father Elijah Accurate Face - Dead Money

Chaotic Big MT Infighting - Old World Blues

Legate Lanius the Ghost Person

.45 Auto Submachine Gun Retexture - Honest Hearts

Dean Domino Hair Cut Content Restored - Dead Money

Endgame Areas Contain Ghouls - Lonesome Road

Craftable Factionless Salvaged Power Armor

Enjoy :D