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Adds lights to the strip where lights existed but where not producing lights. Also this mod fixes a number of vanilla bugs via editing the environment and some meshes so that only meshes that reflect light/shadows are used making it perfect for ENB and vanilla darker night users too. Compatible with everything*

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Strip Lighting Overhaul

This mod can be used by anyone and wont have any conflicts since all edits are standalone (compatible with everything) but the primary users this mod will benefit are users that darken their nights either through mods or ENBs. Only the strip exterior has been altered nothing else was changed. I looked all over online for a non evasive light weighted mod that added lights to just the strip but never found any so I made one.

*Due to the light nature of this mod you can install and uninstall this mod at any point in your game. The mod itself contains 1 mesh and 1 .esp
that is all.

Whats Included
There are numerous lights around the strip that are lite up but do not actually produce light. I have added light makers to every single one of these making the strip feel more alive and making the environment around the strip at night absolutely pop. In addition to this I found that there were numerous spot light, lights that did exist but the spot light itself was hidden under the ground so you can consider this a vanilla bug fix too because I added those spot lights back to the game so that there are no longer random spotlight lights for no reason. Finally - while I was adding lights to the strip I noticed a number of meshes that were broken and could not reflect light. I have edited around those meshes so that all parts of the strip that are now lite up will reflect lights and shadows.

Compatible with everything and can be used in vanilla but really the people who will benefit most are those that darken their night. I personally use it with ENB. Load right after your DLC's so at the very top and have all your mods come after it and you will never need a patch or anything.