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An overhaul aimed at fixing the glaring flaws and unfinished aspects of the Lucky 38. Restored E3 lights, Photos of Mr. House, New unique clutter and an overhauled penthouse.

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Overhauls the Lucky 38 (mostly to the terrible penthouse floor) in a similar vain to my other Casino overhauls. 



penthouse apartment or a penthouse (coined through French appentier) is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium, or hotel. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features.

.......Yeah, vanilla Lucky 38 penthouse, not so much. But not anymore!

New assets and textures to make the penthouse seem more like a penthouse while keeping the same theme and style of the Lucky 38. No more cement floor and dull bland grey everywhere and torn rags on the doors. The Penthouse will now look more like how it kinda should have looked imo. Photos of Mr. House during his old glory days, him and his achievements, the people from his life and more now line the walls. New unique curtains replace the old torn rags on the doors and the walls now aren't just placeholder cement. Dull cement planters are no more and unique Lucky 38 themed planters have replaced them.

Overall, the penthouse was so bad in the vanilla game. It was just a dull grey room which was just cement. It reeked of unfinished. I wish Obsidian could have been given more time to finish these important locations. Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

As for the casino floor, the mod adds the Viva Las Vegas 2025 poster as seen in the game's intro to the casino floor for consistency reasons and I just wanted that poster to be in the game.

This mod already includes my other mod 'Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored' included in the latest version. New lights, light strips, diamond lights, window lights and more which were cut for consoles have been restored. See the Lucky 38 in all it's glory as Obsidian had envisioned.

Screens were taken without ENB as ENBs can drastically change how the game can look such as saturation and lighting. Vanilla acts as a good baseline.

More unique portraits of Mr. House and the people from his life, his achievements
New furniture
New Posters to replace the terrible vanilla ones
More paintings or photos to replace the Tranquility Lane paintings
Some Robco stuff like Robot prototypes to show House's work
Maybe some terminals with notes etc

More to come so stay tuned!

Compatible with mods which overhaul the presidential suite/player room.
Compatible with NMCs textures. Just let my mod overwrite and all should be fine.
Not compatible with Lucky 38 intro poster by DevastatinDave as it is already merged into my mod.

Jokerine for her resources
NMC for his textures which I used as a base
DonProtien for helping me weather some of the photos
marlborolt from DeviantArt
Lucky 38 Climate Cut Content by Mcdoye
Lucky 38 intro poster by DevastatinDave