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Weapon mods can now be crafted, and only requires a skill check and the weapon you are crafting for!

Now covers ALL mods from the WMX mod by Antistar!

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Craftable Weapon Mods - WMX Version


Weapon mods can now be crafted, and only requires a skill check and the weapon you are crafting for!

Now covers ALL mods from the WMX mod by Antistar!


WMX is great that it basically gives all the weapons the maximum of 3 mods to apply. The downside is there's even less chance that you'll get the mod for the weapon you want. As if the right vanilla mods aren't hard enough to get, now you gotta wait for about 200 individual mods to rotate every inventory respawn.

Don't lie, we all still used cheats to get the mod we want.

AND repeating the same point in my original mod, why do we have to rely on incompetent merchants to give us the weapon mod we want? We're already holding the weapon, why can't we just CRAFT it ourselves? Just about one of the only good things Fallout 4 did was the weapon crafting system.

We have the SKILL (points) why don't we make use of it?



All Vanilla, DLC, and Preorder weapon mods can be crafted now - every mod added by WMX - but requires high skill of either repair or science and more than a few items.

Almost all will require tools like a hammer, wrench, and some ammo depending on the kind of mod, but your tools won't be consumed - just the parts.

Weapon Mods crafting requires high Repair or Science skill starting from 60 and increases depending on the kind of mod.

The skill requirements are standardized (i.e. Ext Mags require 65, Laser Sight 70, etc.) Except for signature weapons like the Red Glare and the Alien Blaster.

Here's the good part: To keep the recipe list from getting overcrowded, the recipe for the weapon mods will only show up if you have the weapon in question (i.e. 10mm pistol mods will only show up if you have a 10mm pistol in your inventory)

If you can't find the recipe and you have the weapon for it, find them from the Weapon Mod category from the workbench (click on the big RECIPE on the top to change the category)

Additional Info: WMX actually already has recipes for weapon mods - but only for some melee weapon mods, most of which nobody uses. (Come on, Tire iron grips?) Although I can't blame them for not making more because this is a pain to make.There are so many mods here, this took me 3 days to finish in one sitting - making this mod feels worse than going to my full-time job.

More about the WMX recipes, anything that's not a weapon mod has been moved to another category called WMX Functions - these are the recipes for converting weapon mods from GRA versions to vanilla, creating nails from box of nails, etc. Also, existing WMX mod recipe ingredient lists have been left the way they are (like the sawn off stock recipes) but my change is that they will still only appear if you have the weapon for them.

That's another downside to WMX that it adds so many recipes that it clogs up the recipe list even more, so this mod fixes part of the problem as well.

This requires the esps: WMX-DLCMerged.esp and WMX-POPMerged.esp to be loaded. Your list should look something like this:

CraftWeaponMods-WMX-version.esp <<---

Finally, only use this version when playing with WMX. If you're playing with vanilla weapon mods, here's the link for my main mod: