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Weapon mods can now be crafted, an only requires a skill check and the weapon you are crafting for!

> V 1.1 Supports ALL DLC weapon mods.

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I don't know about you but I really REALLY hate having to rely on random merchant leveled lists to be even able to get that weapon mod you want. I also am not a fan of a magical weapon vending machine giving me what I want but at a cost of a brahmin load of caps and suspension of disbelief. Why not just use your natural engineering acumen and just craft the weapon mod that you need instead of relying on incompetent greedy capitalists?


All vanilla and DLC Weapon Mods can be crafted now, but requires high skill of either repair or science and more than a few items.

Almost all will require tools like a hammer, wrench, and some ammo, but the tools won't be consumed - just the parts.

Weapon Mods crafting requires high repair or science skill starting from 60 and increases depending on the kind of mod.

The skill requirements are standardized (i.e. Ext Mags require 65, Laser Sight 70, etc.) Except for signature weapons like the Red Glare.

To keep the recipe list from getting overcrowded, the recipe for the weapon mods will only show up if you have the weapon in question (i.e. 10mm pistol mods will only show up if you have a 10mm pistol in your inventory)

If you can't find the recipe and you have the weapon for it, find them from the Weapon Mod category from the workbench (click on the big RECIPE on the top to change the category)

V 1.1 Update:
Now supports ALL DLC weapon mods. Yes, even the Red Glare and SMMG - BUT these two requires 90 skill, and some hard to craft weapon mods to craft. It's actually easier to just buy the mods from the comissary instead of crafting.

Materials Used:

Scrap Metal
Scrap Electronics
Steam Gauge Assembly
Sensor Module
Fission Battery
Abraxo Cleaner
Pilot Light

The next update will either be support for TTW or WMX.
But only if I hate myself, because this is a lot of work. Either way, stay tuned.