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Primm Reputation Restored with optimizations, logical changes and additions.

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Primm's Reputation was originally disabled in the Vanilla game but still contained the Reputation Icon. There is no explanation as to why it was removed. This mod re-enables the Reputation. Doing quests will raise Fame or Infamy depending on how well you do the quest. This mod works retroactively, meaning it should work immediately on a progressed save and automatically award the player with reputation points depending on what they have already done in Primm.

Reputation Paths
Reputation is awarded in sizes done on a scale from 1 to 5. They range from 'Very Minor', 'Minor', 'Average, 'Major' & 'Very Major'.

  • Completing "My Kind of Town";
NCR choice awards 'Average' Primm Fame. 
Primm Slim choice awards 'Major' Primm Fame.
Meyer choice awards 'Very Major' Primm Fame.
Failing Quest (Killing all Sheriffs) awards 'Very Major' Infamy and removes 'Very Major' Fame.
  • Killing all Powder Gangers in the town and Bison Steve Casino awards 'Very Major' Fame.
  • Plus the rest of the Vanilla game's handling of Reputation is setup so Stealing or Killing causes negative Reputation hits.

Simple Reputation and Disguises
Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged (highly recommended)

The revised version changes
  • Optimized script with NVSE.
  • NCR choice also awards 'Average' NCR Fame
  • Meyer choice also awards 'Very Minor' NCR Fame
  • Reputation status while hovering over the Primm map marker.
  • Adds "Sheriff's duster" to Meyers if you choose him as sheriff.
  • Repairing ED-E now awards you 'Very minor' fame.
  • Ruby Nash won't cook her radscorpion's venom casserole if your reputation is below 'Accepted'.
  • Finding Primm now has no award instead of 'Very Minor' fame.
  • Rescuing Beagle now awards 'Minor' fame instead of 'Very Minor'.
  • Returning Vance's Gun now awards 'Very Minor' fame instead of 'Average'.
You can now also get fame for lockpicking Sammy's safe instead of only convincing Pauline.
  • A Team of Moronic Mercenaries
Talking Layla out of Primm now awards 'Very Major' fame instead of 'Average'.
Killing Layla and her gang now awards 'Major' fame instead of 'Minor' infamy.

Overall, with this setup, it's easier to achieve 'Idolized' status than in the original but it makes more sense.

Machienzo for the original version.
PushTheWinButton for the Simple Reputation and Disguises which script I used as a reference for mine.
nemini for reporting and fixing bug.
ItsMeJesusHChrist for the icon.
Patchier for NCR Fame increase idea.