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Faction outfits only act as disguises if you're an enemy of the faction and no longer 'juggle' reputation - alleviating some associated bugs. Reputation penalties for crimes are reduced and Primm's reputation is fully restored.

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Simple Reputation and Disguises
New Vegas Script Extender


I always found New Vegas' reputation system very restrictive. This mod alleviates a few of the issues I have.


You can now wear faction outfits without them acting as disguises. I realise the need for disguises, however, so they still act as disguises but only if you are a permanent enemy of the faction, e.g. you have passed the requirements for 'Beware the Wrath of Caesar!' or 'Don't Tread on the Bear!' (or blown up the Brotherhood). Factions can still become hostile if you commit crimes, in which case the normal 'cool-down' period applies.

You will also not become enemies of factions by equipping their enemies' outfits. For example, you will not be attacked by the NCR for wearing Legion armor. It may not be realistic, but neither is walking into the Mages Guild wearing Necromancer Robes; strolling through the Citadel wearing Enclave Power Armor; stealing a characters weapon and then parading around with it in front of his face; waiting for the split second a merchant isn't looking to steal their entire stock, and so on. I prefer it this way - I think the reputation system is a prime example of why 'realism' isn't a fun aspect of Bethesda games.

Disguises will no longer 'juggle' (as I like to term it) reputation - in other words: they do not reset your reputation to zero when equipped. This lead to bugs and was an unnecessary workaround in my opinion.


The infamy gain for stealing and killing has been reduced. The reputation system was not very well balanced in my opinion - stealing six items was the equivalent of gunning someone down, and gunning someone down was worse then the worst possible quest-related action against the faction (this includes things such as using Helios One's to fry an entire NCR encampment). Also factor in the fact that there is no redemption system, a single crime can have a lasting impact on your gameplay experience. Therefore I think this change is justified.

Primm's reputation has been fully restored, and you gain fame by completing all the events related to it (freeing Beagle, killing all Convicts, finding a sheriff, retrieving the casino's heirlooms etc). A handful of Convicts that were disabled for seemingly no reason are restored to vary the Primm gunfight a bit more. Fame gains are applied retroactively, therefore you still get the credit you deserve when installing this mod on a save that has already completed Primm-related quests.


This mod requires New Vegas Script Extender. Please ensure you have an up-to-date version.

I do not know how well this mod will work alongside other mods which restore Primm's reputation, such as Primm Reputation Restored. If you're using this mod, you don't need it anyway. I recommend you use one or the other.


Before uninstalling this mod, make sure that your character is not wearing any faction armor. This mod will have no permanent effects on your game.

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