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Npc Overhaul. So far includes 5 npcs.
Cass, Vernica, Caesar, Boone, Arcade.

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Light NPC overhaul for the main companions, Arcade, Boone, Cass,Veronica, and Caesar.

They have
-Custom head models, and textures.
-Various bugfixes for the outfits, that are available for VANILLA body, Improved Vanilla Body and Type bodies.
-Outfit retextures for Arcade, cass and boone (all 3 versions)
-New Sunglasses and hat for boone
-New outfit for Veronica, based on Exeter's version. Custom hat and hair for both Cass and Veronica.

The mod comes with a FOMOD installer, meaning you need to run it through a mod manager and pick out your options, or assemble the mod manually (only for advanced users).

Since the mod replaces textures for some outfit, you'll have to run archive invalidation of your chice to get the new textures ingame.
You can read a guide here


You can use this mod with other NPC replacers. Put it at the bottom of your load order in NMM so that the changes made to the NPCs will overwrite other mods.


Outfit fixes in various body replacers.
New custom outfit for boone.
Textures are compatible with Vanilla standard colors, IVB, and zzjay texture workshop.


Nuska base headmodels
dimon99 and izumiko for type bodies
CDProjecktRed for Hair and patterns.
idkrrr and sirtrippsalot for Saram\Corean Hair
exeter for scout's armor and veronica armor
zzjay, lograam, Hhaley, dragbody Maevan2 for eyes, mouth and brows
Throttlekitty and luchaire for eyelashes
Thefourthhorse for cubemap.
7thNighthawk for part of the pictures.


Ideas for the reworked look come from midtek a better companion series, even tough no assets from those mods were used.
The head models ad textures are modified versions of Nuska's headmeshes and their only purpose if for the NPC replacer, because the face shape is modelled in blender.


Recommended mods:
Eye Clipping Fix

Mods Used:

Dynamo ENB
Rust ENB


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