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Gaze upon the Mojave and marvel at the world before you. It's almost electric!

A complex ENB that changes the looks of the game drastically to fit a post apocalyptic vintage world.
With SweetFX.

Permissions and credits

Since I'm too lazy to upload more screenshots in the ENB page, get your dose of images and other various shots regarding ENB here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/96509049@N06/


Attention everyone, the missing screen parts or black bars are a letterboxing effect added by SweetFX, which can be disabled. It's NOT a bug.


Replaced vignetting with letterboxing.
Changed sunglare intensity.
SweetFX lumasharpen replaced for ENB files (effects.txt) for sharpening.
Slight tweaks to sky lighting.
Replaced lens texture (dirt for bokeh)

It's been a long way, and here we are.

This ENB is a very very modified version of my previous ENB "Courier~ ENB", here's my lastest and most complex ENB, Dynamo.
Basically everything has been modified in a bigger or smaller amount,
it retains the visions and ideas I had with the previous, but this one is much more emphasysed.
This means that this version is more "cinematic", in other words, more shit on screen.

The film grain from the super early ENB has returned, the depth of field has been tweaked slightly with a semi tilt-shift feel to it.
The bloom config has been edited, lens flares have returned but are now very situational (only from small point light sources on interiors and nights, days have very small lens effects as well).
Fog and color tinting has been changed slightly, I've gone from brown/black to orange and greenish, depending on which game you are (NV or 3).
The sunsprite has been replaced, and I am even considering adding lens effect a la Skyrim.
Ambient Occlusion has been slightly edited to become a little less intrusive (smaller sampling range).
The game also has now a very slight chromatic aberration, which comes from the DoF and bloom files, I like it subtle.

Then after all of that there's the SweetFX settings; vignetting, dither, sharpening and vibrance tweaks.

As expected all of these can be turned off, and you can disable SweetFX in-game with the PrntScreen key.
To disable the ENB, shift+f12, to bring up the GUI, shift+enter.

There's also SMAA, injected through sweetfx instead of another dll.

I've also packed a few alternative color palettes, one of them is the original palette from the first iterations from the ENB (also known as the not brown one).

This ENB is highly cinematic and stylized, do not expect full blown realism from it.

Here's a video about the ENB, thanks a lot to NcrVet for it!



Nevada Skies URWL - for the extra orange skies and butts, comes with many different weather types

NMC Texture Pack - Although most people will by know know about this mod, it's an excellent texture pack that fits really well the game, a must.

Bornagain NV The Book of Water - best textures available for animals/monsters and armors. (these are the ones you see in my pictures)

ADAM - The best NCR Ranger Armor retextures and mesh fixes I've seen so far, another must.

WRP - The weapon retexture project, another must for visuals.

Project Nevada - Aside from the miryad of fixes and enhancements, the visor overlays add a lot to the first person experience.

ILO - Interior Lighting Overhaul, makes interiors prettier and have better lighting.


Nevada Skies (although it doesn't have to be the URWL version).





Hi quality Bloom preset.
Soft adaptation simulating better HDR.
Lighting and postprocessing overhaul.
Custom Sky settings with Nevada Skies in mind (supports URWL, normal, and western, winter is untested).
Lens flares (from light sources, both interiors and exteriors).
Custom sun flare file, simulating a camera or a glass.
Lens dirt files, that simulate a camera's lens, two files provided (dirt and bokeh).
Ambient Occlusion, Indirect Lighting and mixing AO.
Tilt-shift Depth of Field preset.
Sun rays (also known as sun shafts).
Complex shadows from exterior sun light source.
Anisotropic filtering.
Slight chromatic aberrations.

A complete SweetFX suite with SMAA, Vignette and dither. Also vibrance and s-curves color correction (contrast).

Various different presets are also packed, with different configs for the lens dirt, dof and lens flares.
Three different presets with different performance impacts (Lite, Minimalistic, Ultra).

Five different color palettes (ranging from color tinting less to more contrast, darker than default).



Download the ENB bynaries from http://www.enbdev.com/download.htm and extract them onto your New Vegas folder, then overwrite with my files.


Delete the files you extracted in the root folder, delete the renderproperties.ini file in your My Documents/My Games/FNV folder.


Try lowering the brightess of your game in the settings menu.
If you use Nevada Skies, try changing the options for interior and night darkness levels to your liking.
The Minimalistic preset is actually a more purist version of the ENB, that is no lens effects, no vignette, no depth of field and no chromatic aberration.
If your game looks too saturated or too desaturaded, or has a brown tint effect all over it, try deleting all the enb files, downloading the blank enb files from http://www.enbdev.com/download.htm and
then overwrite with my files.
If there's a feature you don't like, you can either disable it in the ini or through the in-game GUI (acess it by pressing shift+enter). To disable a feature through the ini, change the line parameter from "true" to "false".
Make sure that antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and water multisampling are disabled in the launcher, as opposed to HDR, which must be enabled.
You can disable sweetFX entirely by editing the enbseries.ini, change the PROXY functions line from



Tinker with the preset lots, try some of the different included files and have lots of fun.


You should check the enblocale.ini file and make it fit your system's specs to avoid crashes and conflicts.
Using the Steam overlay will cause transparencies whenever the steam popups appear, otherwise the game will be fine.
I for one have had no issues with FRAPS nor DXtory, use them at your own risk.

You no longer need to use the pyDoF file to fix weapon transparencies, Boris managed to fix it in the binary files by himself.