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Adds the M1 Garand and several variants to the game with leveled list integration, custom sounds and attachments. Full credits inside.

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NOTE: The mod should work without Asurah's reanimation pack though the models are pre-patched for it in any event.

One of my favorite rifles of all time the classic and legendary M1 Garand. So I decided to port it over from CoD, along with some Rising Storm 2 assets to spice things up a bit in addition to getting a few of the skins from WWII ported. There is also the Japanese Type 5 as well. They've been injected into the leveled lists so they'll appear on enemies, merchants and containers. Custom sounds are included, and the weapon mods range from a reflex sight, scope, bayonet and a extended box magazine. You can pick the weapons up from NCR troops to mercenaries to being purchased at vendors such as the Gun Runners. In addition, the unique variants can only be purchased from the Gun Runners to boot. 

As usual there's a footlocker container free test copies. Look for it in Victor's Shack in Goodsprings. There's a bonus M7 Grenade Launcher with 1000 M7 grenades tucked away. Be warned the grenade still stays attached to the barrel even after firing, which is why I didn't inject it into the leveled lists haha. Maybe something can be done about that in the future but I'm not the guy to do it. 

M1 Garand variants:

Standard M1 Garand 

M1D Sniper Rifle

Japanese Type 5

Frontline Skin

Independence Skin

Rookie Skin

Valor Skin.



All rights reserved to Activision for the Call of Duty franchise and art assets. 

Sounds, Attachments & M1 Garand/Type 5 models and textures: Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty: WWII)

M1D Sniper Rifle Parts: Tripwire Interactive (Rising Storm 2) 

M7 Grenade Launcher Sound: Treyarch (Call of Duty World at War)

Cubemaps: Millenia and TactaGhoul.

As for Tripwire Interactive, in case there are any doubt refer to this link