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Restores the south gate of Camp McCarran mentioned in-game.

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"Nah, I'm just kidding. This has to be the most worthless patrol duty on the whole base. They never attack this gate." - Crenshaw

"I've got him on guard duty patrolling the tarmac just inside the south gate. And I reassigned the other guard, so he should be alone." - Curtis

This mod restores the above mentioned south gate, and also fixes the inconsistency between the exterior and interior area of McCarran where from the outside you can see two guard towers placed close together but from the camp's courtyard there is only one.

The presence of the two close guard towers flanked by NCR troopers strongly implied an entrance of some sort was intended to be present there, and it's where the gate has been placed in the Mojave worldspace. The interior area required more work as I had to add a tower, rework the walls placement a bit and then place the gate. 

The gate's model was reused by Obsidian in the Legate's Camp, but its filename was still nv_mccarran-maingate. Along with this, a sound effect (unused in vanilla, I think) named EMTLargeGateCampMcCarran is present in the game's files and it was added to the gate.

The new gate features a map marker and shows your current reputation with the NCR like other vanilla locations.


Use a mod manager or manually extract the .rar content into the data folder. Can be installed at any time. You must generate new LOD for the WastelandNV worldspace with xLODGen to see the gate at distance. 


Fully compatible with Uncut Wasteland and likely compatible with everything except mods that alter the same part of the walls.

Credits to twizzOr for fixing the navmesh problem in version 1.3.

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