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Another fully-scripted, lightweight, and compatible item value overhaul, but this time taking into consideration important aspects of the vanilla economy balance.

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New Vegas Economy Improved


This is a more vanilla-oriented value overhaul in the vein of Economy Overhaul and Fallout 3 Economy. All items are affected, from all mods and DLC blah, blah blah.

New Vegas's economy has three important features that can sometimes be overlooked.

1. There are a handful of very high-value rewards from casino jackpots, snow globes. Plus there are reoccurring rewards from quests like Caesar's Favour and the items that are placed in Father Elijah's dropbox at the end of Dead Money.

2. The high vanilla value of rare, high-end armour and weapons is intentional, to act as a cash sink for the above. However, the high value of common weapons mean they have a high value-to-weight (V/W) ratio, which makes it too easy to gather them from fallen raiders to quickly make a large profit.

3. Even if the two above points are addressed, New Vegas has lots of very common low-to-mid value items: things like ammo, water, chems, animal drops, and some junk items. These have a high V/W ratio, which is difficult to lower because their values are already quite low.

Because of the above points, lowering armour and weapon value too much (point 2) tips the balance of the economy further towards points 1 and 3. You can easily buy lots of high-end gear with one jackpot, or you can sell excess ammo or chems and easily get high-end gear too early.

It's my opinion that after playing with both mods for a while, both (the old version of) Economy Overhaul and Fallout 3 Economy can suffer from this in their current state. I also don't think either should be included in Viva New Vegas because of this, as it is used by many new players and the vanilla balance is actually better in this regard.


This is my attempt to lower armour and weapon value but maintain a better balance with the vanilla economy, by combining aspects of the value formulas used by both Economy Overhaul and Fallout 3 Economy (and also providing full customisability for you tinkerers out there).

The aim is to apply a moderate reduction in value to high-value items, and a small reduction to low-value items. Hopefully, this should create more reasonable item values at the high-end, whilst still allowing the economy to withstand the shocks of large rewards and item hording.

There are two forms of the formula used by the mod. The default is given below, but both are explained fully in the INI.



This mod only includes value changes. It doesn't have any of the extra economy balance feature from Economy Overhaul. The intention of this mod is to strike an item value balance that works with vanilla features.

Mojave Arsenal now includes an option to decrease the condition (and therefore value) of all armour and weapon loot, which by itself goes a long way to addressing the exploit of selling raider weapons. I recommend using that if you want a more lightweight, 'vanilla' approach.

Also, I just want to mention that Mojave Raiders actually helps in balancing the games economy quite significantly. It makes all armour and weapons carried by raiders have low condition (and therefore low value) like in Fallout 3, and also reduces the amount of loot they drop. Raider loot is actually a significant cause of economy issues in the vanilla game.

JSawyer and JSawyer Ultimate Edition also include some item value changes and rarity increases. JSawyer Ultimate Edition has expansive rarity options and the option to give weightless items weight, which helps balance the V/W ratios for some items.

Alternative File:

Instead of changing item values, this alternative file implements some broad changes to the game's economy by only changing a handful of gamesettings. As such, it is much more lightweight than the main file, as no item values are directly edited. The changes are:

  • All item values are decreased by 50%
  • Selling prices are decreased by 10%
  • Buying prices are decreased by 10%
  • Repair costs are decreased from 200% of the item's value to 120%

The Barter skill still has the same progression as the vanilla game, i.e. one point in Barter still increases/decreases prices by the same percentage.


This mod requires the following:

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. Load wherever. This mod can be installed on an existing save.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just delete the file and you're good to go.


This mod can be customised with the INI file, which is provided as an optional download. You only need the INI if you want to customise the mod—if you don't have the INI, then the mod's default options will be used. The INI provides a description of the formula parameters and how to modify them.


This mod changes no vanilla forms whatsoever and is conflict-free. Obviously don't use it with Economy Overhaul and Fallout 3 Economy.

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