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As YikYeet said : "this mod allows to increase amount of rads from every source through an ini without actually making any edits in games files."
Enjoy your radioactive trip on Mojave's roads !

Permissions and credits
This very simple mod adds more radiations from ingestibles and water sources, for a more hardcore radioactive adventure !

While translating the Water Overhaul, I realized that there was an easy way to play with the radiations, and more specifically those suffered while ingesting irradiated food. However, as PushTheWinButton has already pointed out, radiation from food or water sources is rarely an issue in the vanilla game. This mod is made with the goal of making the experience a bit more hardcore and doing something about that radiations that nobody cares about.

By default, settings are more hardcore, but not too much. You can edit the mod to your liking with the simple .ini file provided :
  • fRadsFromIngestibles & fRadsFromWaterSource are settings used to control radiations coming from ingestibles and radiations coming when drinking at water sources, [default = 2.00 (2× vanilla)]
  • then fRadsFromLand setting controls radiations from environment (for example when standing close to irradiated barrels) [default = -1 (use vanilla settings)] Note that this change wont influence the "+? Rad/Sec" UI element.
  • while fRadsFromWade and fRadsFromSwim settings control radiations when wading and swimming (Wow ! Captain Obvious in da place!) [default 0.35 and 0.5 (×3.5 & ×5 vanilla)]
More details are provided in the .ini file.
When the game start and you load a save or start a new game, new values could take some seconds to be applied (maximum 7). After that, good luck cow-boys and girls.

Compatible out of the box with any other mods adding irradiated food, drinks, water sources or any sort of radiation source.

Some recommended mod to pair with this one :

Huge thanks to PushTheWinButton for pointing me through the Water Overhaul mod the game settings used for radiations control !