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Makes most of the non-unique containers in the game respawn.

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I know some people like the whole static nature of New Vegas, when you loot a container it stays looted... etc, you know?

But I don't. So I made this mod!

I know there's a mod already like this but, thanks to an issue involving quest items being injected into the newly respawning containers (which isn't the fault of the creator of said mod), the containers would eat quest items! Well, I fixed that. (This was done without editing any quests, I just changed the base container that the REFs use with NVEdit.)

As a consequence of most containers respawning, a lot of areas that were safe to store items no longer are, so here's what's up: Safehouses and player homes are generally now the only places that are safe to store items. New non-respawning containers have been added in place of the old ones so you can be sure your items won't be gobbled up by the respawn monster. (The Sink is included)

Note: The refrigerators in the Followers' Safehouse are not safe storage since they're scripted to be restocked with food. They have been renamed to Restocking Fridges to makes sure you don't start throwing your legendary one-of-a-kind weapons in there and watch them disappear into the ether.

This requires all 4 main DLC, since it edits containers in all of them. All fixes to these containers made by the YUP have been added.

Update: I added an optional file that turns Victor's Shack into a player home so you'll have somewhere to keep your stuff in the super early game... or if you just want Goodsprings to be your hometown.