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Hidden Valley: Overhauled is a comprehensive, lore-friendly rework of the lighting and atmosphere of the Brotherhood of Steel's Hidden Valley Bunker that aims to better realise the potential of the location while staying true to Obsidian's vision.

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Hidden Valley in vanilla New Vegas is a bit of a damp squib. There's this omnipresent dull warm lighting, hallways are bland and uncluttered, and some rooms are put together a bit clumsily.  Hidden Valley: Overhauled is a (mostly) visual rework of the Brotherhood of Steel's base. All alterations and additions are 100% lore-friendly and aim to fit seamlessly with the base game. The goal was to create something that could have been mistaken for Hidden Valley if it had gotten a bit more development work (and maybe the developers were more familiar with the assets!). This mod consciously doesn't alter the existing NavMesh at all which gives an idea of what it does and doesn't do.

Fallout 3's Raven Rock and Hidden Valley in-universe are presumably of the same bunker design, but on a meta level they obviously share the same tileset. Closely studying how Bethesda made Raven Rock provided a lot of room for improvement; contrasting colours, volumetric glow, atmospheric smoke and steam, strong uplighting, dangling wires, beeping consoles etc. A look at the original Fallout's Lost Hills bunker also helped establish what a Brotherhood HQ should look like. This was followed by nice little touches that helped make the location more consistent and believable. All changes were carefully considered and implemented, and the screenshots above probably don't do the full package justice.

Aside from aesthetic changes, this mod also re-enables a few cut NPCs and fleshes out the fusion reactor mentioned in terminal entries with a new hidden bonus area.


[Although it has been tested a fair bit, best advice is to install the mod *before* entering the bunker for the first time. Also, probably a good idea to make sure any valuables aren't left in the bunker before you install]

1. Open your New Vegas install folder, then find and open the Data folder.
2. Drag the contents of the .zip file into the Data folder.
3. Start New Vegas. 

Special thanks to trashgarbage666 and Jacksonelhage for feedback, advice and technical assistance in the run-up to release.