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Restores a missing section of the window mesh in the Dino Dee-lite motel lobby in Novac.

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Novac Motel Window Mesh Restored

This mod fixes an oversight in the base game and restores a missing mesh to the window in the back of the Dino Dee-Lite front desk cell. 

When porting assets from Fallout 3 to use in NV, Obsidian chose not to include certain static meshes from the various interior tilesets; this included the left endcap for the office window used in the motel lobby. However, the same mesh was still available in the facility tileset; I duplicated this mesh and changed the texture directories to use the same paths as the rest of the office tileset. 
As far as I know, nobody has put out a fix for this specific issue in the past. This was more of a personal fix; if there's a more general bugfix mod that addresses this issue I'll consider this one defunct. 

Fully compatible and reccomended to play with both Yukichigai Unofficial Patch and Windows Of The Mojave. Other mods that edit the lobby interior may be compatible or incompatible on a case by case basis; I had to move the poster and shelves next to the window to fit the new mesh. Any mods that touch those three objects could potentially cause a conflict.