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Turns all Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps face up.

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Stars Turned Face Up v1.0
Author: zedas
November 18, 2020

The Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps are a fun little treasure hunt within New Vegas. Unfortunately the majority of the star bottle caps are turned down, so they look just like any other bottle cap. This often leads to missing that you actually picked one up, missing out on the little environmental based stories they tell by not noticing where they were, or not finding ones sitting off on their own at all.
I have rectified this by turning all 76 down facing instances of the star bottle caps face up. I have also checked and corrected all positioning for star bottle caps that were sunk below the ground, or into objects. This I feel still leaves the star bottle caps a challenge to seek out, but a lot more fun to find.
What does it do exactly?
-Pretty simple, see above /\

1) Use your mod organizer or unzip it in the data folder.
2) Set to load early, as the mods changes aren't all that important in the grand scheme of things

Compatibility/Known Issues:
-This mod is 100% compatible with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch at date 11/18/2020. xEdit will show some conflicts, but these are known, intentional, and are fine
-This mod will conflict with Interior lighting Overhaul, and cell overhauls in general, if it is loaded after them (because editing an item in a cell/worldspace creates a duplicate reference to that space). If it is loaded BEFORE them it is fine.

Any comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Please leave them in the comments section or send  
me a message.

See tab above /\

- Elminster & others for xEdit without which making these mods would be a frickin nightmare
- Roy Batty - nukem - lStewieAl - jazzisparis - LuthienAnarion - carxt for GECK Extender which saves a lot of headache in the G.E.C.K.
- Obsidian and Bethesda for Fallout New Vegas and the tools to allow me to muck with it.