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This mod ADDS lore - friendly, Fallout 1, 2 & 3 Music to the Mojave, instead of replacing any of the OST.

Permissions and credits
Music Addition - Mojave Edition

Ever wanted a Music mod that adds upon the Original Soundtrack of the game? Well, here you go. This mod adds Fallout 1, 2 & 3 music to places where it fits without replacing the original music. Sometimes you will hear the tracks that played in the Vanilla game, sometimes the "new - old" ones.
My mod only contains a plugin file, since the original music comes with the Vanilla game.

Instead of spoiling which tracks were used where, I will leave you the pleasure of finding them and instead naming a few places that are affected:
- Novac
- Freeside
- "Dangerous areas" (= Westside)
- North Vegas
- Primm

If you encounter any problems or think a track REALLY doesn't fit AT ALL, feel free to comment and I will take a look, maybe change it.
Have fun!

Also included an optional level up music replacer. Music can be found in the game files (Music folder).
If you use TTW, I recommend using my mod alongside this one:

Installation: Just drop the plugin in the Data folder or, even better, use and install it with MO2.

Deinstallation: Just remove the plugin / deactivate through MO2.

Future plans: Maybe I will add some Fallout 3 combat tracks, some more classic ambient soundtracks but that's it.

Permission: You may use my mod, as long as you ask permission and credit me.
You may not use my mod without my permission.

Bethesda Softworks - For reviving Fallout and publishing this game and its mod tools.
Obisidan - For developing New Vegas.
Mark Morgan - For his excellent, classic ambience
jacksonelhage - For helping me fix some issues
Scott, 5iv and others from the VNV Discord - For helping and testing a bit with me

If you like this mod, please consider endorsing it. And check out my other mods if you like!

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