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Adds many updated models and textures for vanilla creatures and armors using assets from popular mod authors.

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Welcome to my 10th Anniversary Celebration pack!!

Can you believe it's been a decade since New Vegas entered the world? Well, I'm ever thankful it did.

In this mod, I have taken the work of several other mod authors--primarily 3D artists--and converted their work to function in the original New Vegas game. The images provided here don't show everything but this video does a good job of showing it all off:

Please note  the following:

1. I have received permission from ALL mod authors whose files I've used to release these files in this format. If you are one of these authors and you've changed your mind, please tell me and I'll update the mod appropriately. 

2. You do not have permission to turn this mod into a chop shop for mashups and other such things. Do whatever you want for your personal use, but I cannot grant permission to make free use of these files in your mods as I do not have the power to give such permission. Again, I've merely converted files created by other authors.

3. Remember that I have converted all these files often making significant changes in order for the files to work in New Vegas. If anything is messed up or doesn't look good, please assume it is my fault in the way I've adapted the files rather than thinking anything negative about the original work of the asset creators. 

4. A HUGE thank you and debt of gratitude goes out to the many creators whose material is used here. In no particular order, credit belongs to DogtoothCG, TheFriedTurkey, Xgamer468, LordOfWar, and ToastyFresh. I'm also using files from AlexScorpion and zzjay plus a few scraps from other games (heavily modified).

5. This is not an extensive or definitive replacer or update of anything. For example, the metal and leather armors do not have female counterparts and the trooper fatigues are not affected despite the rest of the NCR being changed. More changes may come in time but for now, please just appreciate the files as they exist. 

6. Please report significant bugs.

7. This mod includes many 2k and 4k textures. It is recommended you have a good PC that can handle modern games so these don't create issues for you. If you don't have a strong PC, then I recommend getting one of the free image-editing software programs out there that can open the dds files. GIMP or Paint.net for example. Then just reduce the size of the textures. This is a very simple modding exercise that could start you on the path to even more modding adventures. 

8. Some files will only be relevant if you are running TTW. For example, Fawkes and the behemoths should show up in DC. The raider iconoclast armor is in these files but not in the esp so you can add it to your game manually if you are so inclined. (Update: I've changed the file paths so the iconoclast should show up on males as a replacer without needing the esp.)

9. This mod is opted IN for donation points with 100% of DP going to Doctors Without Borders. I will not opt in where I can personally profit, but I also do not want funds that could go to charity to be denied to a cause that it could otherwise help.

Install: drag and drop

Requires: Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road (You've had ten years to get the DLCs. I hope this is no issue.)

Recommended: zzjay's new seamless body mod (no breeze or robert's compatibility for the armors showing skin at this time). Also, as always, I suggest a hand-held pipboy replacer. 


Q: What about X mod that exists for Fallout 4? Will you add it to this pack?
A: Maybe. Some mods have issues that prevent adding to this pack (like power armors since there is no PA frame to use) and other files that I just haven't gotten around to yet (like some of FriedTurkey's outfits). Feel free to drop a request in the comments section.

Q: Will the trooper armors interfere with other NCR mods?
A: Yes, but not always in a bad way. This mod isn't complete as a total NCR faction overhaul, but it's close. Just load it below any other NCR mods in your load order.

Q: Why don't the gecko-backed armors have different models?
A: To be honest, I forgot all about those. They always seemed pretty worthless to me when playing the game.