Fallout New Vegas
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The Lonesome Drifter and Bruce Isaac will perform for money

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Before they are hired to work at The Tops, Bruce Isaac and the Lonesome Drifter will perform a song for money. The Lonesome Drifter will also play an extra guitar piece.

(No other modifications required, only makes changes to the dialogue of the two characters.)

Ask the Lonesome Drifter about his guitar to get his song options. If he is sitting down tell him to come to you, away from his seat, and if he drops his guitar tell him to "continue playing". When he is finished talk to him again to get him to stop.

Once a song begins it plays until the end no matter where you are. If you want it to stop early save the game then load it again.

You can use the modification 'The Irresistible Hat' if you want to set up the performers in your own venue, although you can actually get them both to follow you as is - you can keep moving away from the Lonesome Drifter after telling him to come towards you, and Bruce Isaac will follow you while he sings (and afterwards unless you talk to him again).