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Fixes the Cleansing Flame to use blue fire for its damage-over-time, critical kill, and impact visuals. REQUIRES NVSE & JOHNNYGUITAR

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This is already included in TTW 3.3, so if you use that, you don't need this mod anymore!

UPDATE 1.2: NVSE AND JOHNNYGUITAR REQUIRED - Set "bLoadEditorIDs = 1" in JohnnyGuitar.ini

This mod makes the Cleansing Flame use blue flames instead of orange when lighting someone on fire, getting a critical kill, or spraying the terrain. I HIGHLY recommend you use this in conjunction with Effect teXtures Enhanced, as that's where I got the fire textures from (thanks weijiesen!).

BLEED compatibility version also available!
New in 1.2: Cleansing Flame will now trigger the Ragdolls flailing death effect!

Credit (in no particular order):

  • RoyBatterian & Jamilla (Mindboggles) for helping me with NifSkope
  • Hopper31 for his mod The Z-43 Hazard Immolation Device, which inspired me to do this
  • Hitman47101 for helping make the impacts burn with the right colour, and doing a bunch of testing
  • weijiesen for helping me figure out why corpses burned a different colour, teaching me about impact data, and providing fire textures