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simple mod that adds a new perk to make Holdout weapons more viable.

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A good heister knows how to make the best with what they can sneak in. Luckily Courier 6 isn't just a good heister. They're the best.

This mod adds a new perk at level 6 (Requirements are 50 Sneak and 6 Agility) that makes any Holdout weapons ignore 10 DT and deal 10% more damage. Perfect for role playing a sneaky character with no real weapon proficiencies, as this applies to any guns, melee weapons, unarmed weapons, explosives, or energy weapons that are on the Improved Holdout weapon list, allowing you to make good use of basically any weapon type.

This mod also only adds this new perk and doesn't touch the Holdout Weapon lists, so any mods that add new holdout weapons or modify the list are entirely compatible. I highly recommend using YUP and looking for some neat holdout weapons.

Happy Heisting!