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A fully user configurable set of tweaks to the way various types of consumable provide health to the player for both vanilla and hardcore Fallout: New Vegas playthroughs

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Healing in New Vegas is a fairly standard affair. Food & Drink heals over time and Chems / Stimpacks provide instantaneous healing. Some people including myself may find this frustrating, as food is reduced to a fairly inconsequential consumable (I usually don't even bother using it as it takes too long to provide useful health gains).

In Hardcore mode, healing from all consumables occurs over time. This may be frustrating for many players who enjoy some aspects of Hardcore mode but want to maintain a vanilla if not patch in an easier healing experience.

This mod allows the user to tweak the way healing is applied to the player for both vanilla and hardcore playthroughs using an included .ini file.

This mod allows the following parameters to be tweaked, all of which affect the way healing is applied to the player:

  • Chem Changes - Enabling this tweak will maintain instantaneous Chem healing in and out of Hardcore mode
  • Stimpack Changes - Enabling this tweak will maintain instantaneous Stimpack healing in and out of Hardcore mode.
  • Food Healing Changes - Enabling the tweak will ensure instantaneous healing for all food both in and out of Hardcore mode.
  • Alcohol Changes - Enabling this tweak will ensure instantaneous healing for all food both in and out of Hardcore mode.
  • Limb Changes - Enabling this tweak allows the user to either force limb healing to vanilla or Hardcore values. - NEW IN VERSION 2.0
  • No Food Healing - Enabling this tweak allows the user to disable food healing in both vanilla and Hardcore games. - NEW IN VERSION 2.0

All of these changes overwrite those made by Hardcore mode, allowing you to implement vanilla healing at ease or have every consumable heal instantaneously without delay.

Not enabling a specific tweak will simply revert healing properties for that specific type of consumable to vanilla behavior. Please refer to the following behavior table to determine the effect of enabling or disabling each tweak will have on your game.

|          |              Healing Effect                |
|          +-----------------------+--------------------+
|          |       Tweak Off       |       Tweak On     |
| Tweak    | Vanilla   | Hardcore  | Vanilla | Hardcore |
| Stimpack | Instant   | Over Time | Instant | Instant  |
| Food     | Over Time | Over Time | Instant | Instant  |
| Chems    | Instant   | Over Time | Instant | Instant  |
| Alcohol  | Over Time | Over Time | Instant | Instant  |

As of version 2.0, the following additional tweaks are available

| Tweak           | Effect                                         |
| Status          | 0 (Off)    | 1 (On)       | 2 (On Variant 2)   |
| Limb Changes    | Effect     | Force Limb   | Force Limb Healing |
|                 | Depends on | Healing to   | to Hardcore        |
|                 | Game Mode  | Vanilla      |                    |
| No Food Healing | Over       | Force No     | N/A                |
|                 | Time       | Healing from |                    |
|                 |            | Food         |                    |

All of these tweaks are configurable in HardcoreTweaks.ini

The following section covers installation of this mod, it's a fairly simple affair as far as mods go but please read this section carefully and follow all the below instructions.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, check you have Installed NVSE & The JIP NVSE Plugin (Mandatory)
xNVSE is preferred but regular NVSE is sufficient

Method 1) Install with preferred mod manager of choice (Recommended).
Method 2) Drag and drop Data folder into your Fallout: New Vegas directory.

Ensure you load this file after any tweaks that could conceivably affect the stats or values associated with the game's consumables.

IMPORTANT: You should edit HardcoreTweaks.ini, use 1 to enable a tweak. 0 to disable a tweak. Refer to the table in the previous section to see the cause and effect each tweak will have. Edit the .ini to your personal liking. If you fail to edit the .ini file - all basic twaks are enabled by default.

For Hardcore Playthroughs:

I recommend you tweak to your liking, all options are viable depending on user preference. If you simply want to replicate vanilla healing behavior, simply leave the .ini at default settings or enable all tweaks.

For Vanilla Playthroughs:

Although this mod is geared towards tweaking healing for hardcore Playthroughs, you can still choose to enable global instant healing for food using the FoodTweaks option in the .ini file in non HC games. I recommend for vanilla playthroughs you enable only this tweak and disable the others (Enabling them will remove the ability to see the time of affects in the pip boy)

As above, I ask you read this section carefully if you wish to remove this mod. Similarly with installation, it's quite simple.

Again, Follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Uninstall with preferred mod manager (Recommended)
Method 2) Remove/delete HardcoreTweaks.esp from the data folder and HardcoreTweaks.ini from Data > Config Folder (If the .ini file is the only file in this folder, feel free to remove the folder)

I recommend using the first method. If you choose to follow the second method please be careful that you only delete the files listed above. You don't want to go deleting vanilla files or assets from other mods! I have highlighted what you need to delete in bold and underlined the direct folder where this should exist.

  • LimeMods - Mod Creator (Me!)
  • Demorome for loads of Scripting, Teaching & Assistance in getting this plugin running.
  • IStewieAi for some recommendations and advice.

I can be contacted / followed at the following - feel free to pass on any feedback or even give me a follow for new mods & content:

  • I can be contacted on NexusMods (I'm Semi-Active in checking messages or comments)
  • Active on Discord @ Lime#0909 on both NexusMods & NexusMods - Mod Author Discord
  • @LiamYules on Twitter & Instagram (Follow me for mod updates!)

If you read this far, thanks! I'd like to take this opportunity to once again ask you to endorse this mod if you enjoyed it and provide any feedback you may have. I'm very proud of my work and any opportunity to make improvements based on community feedback is greatly appreciated.