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Adds Schofield (Smith and wesson Model 3) and S&W model 500 magnum revolver to the game with custom models, textures, and with uniques. integrated into level lists as well as cowboy perk.

Permissions and credits
Two new revolvers:

Smith and Wesson Model 3 (Schofield) revolver -> Chambered in .44 magnum, 30 damage [requires 6 str and 60 guns skill]
Kit's Modified Schofield (Unique)-> Higher ROF, Higher damage, Better condition [requires 6 str and 60 guns skill]

500 Magnum -> Chambered in 12.7mm, 120 damage [requires 9 str and 90 guns skill]
Type II's Modified 500 Magnum (Unique) -> Lowered damage to 40, shoots five projectiles, Much Higher ROF, more spread. [requires 10 str and 100 guns skill]

These would balance out, IMO, if you use a mod like Weapon Requirements Matter from IStewieAI's Tweaks

New texture for the speedloaders as well.

Hitman and Sigerious Animations Patch by lolwutyyy:


They're included in the appropriate perks, leveled Lists, and form lists - like the cowboy perk. They will spawn on vendors and among some enemies -> Gun Runners, NCR vets/ranger, Great khans, Viper leaders

Unique Locations: I made some very overpowered uniques so you'll have to find them.
Kit's -> Somewhere in the Ceasar's Legion Safehouse.
Type's -> Hidden somewhere in the world, only clue I can give is somewhere in goodsprings.

Hopefully you try looking for them before spawning them in lol Good luck!


1. Drop and drop contents into data folder
2. Tick esps on in data loader
 -> Or use a mod manager

Alternate textures:
-Open/Extract original archive/folder and navigate to textures\weapons\1handpistol\500 magnum
-Open/Extract Retextures folder.
-Pick the size you want from the Retextures folder, Copy/Cut Contents in to orignal folder
-Repackage with WinRar or 7-Zip if you need to install again, If you're using MO2 simply open file location of my mod in MO2 and follow the same procedure.
-Delete Retexures folder.


Credits: Thanks to everyone who helped, it's greatly appreciated!

Ole Gunnar Isager- 500 mag model
Sam Carrier - Schofield Model
badtour88 - testing
kitwitissues - testing
Draghy - Scripting

https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/47846 -> used as inspiration.


Technical Notes:
- The animations for the Schofield are going to look janky, this is because it's using a cut content animation -> I tried my best to make it look okay.
- Firing animations don't work for Schofield either, I used the .32 nif as a base so the nodes don't match the 357 magnum firing animation.  I was able to make the hammer work but not the cylinder, oh well.

If you like these check out my other mods!
Also, I like feedback so leave me some!