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Allows you to rob New Vegas' trading caravans.

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Ever tried doing a raider/kleptomaniac run in New Vegas? Found that there's no way to rob the traveling caravans, that even wiping out the entire cavalcade including the Brahmin only leads to the disappointing discovery that you can't access the goods at all? Feel annoyed by that?

Me too. And as it was long overdue for a mod to adress this, I present to you:


How does it work?

Real simple. Well, kind of. Y'see, the Mojave being as shamefully dangerous as it is these days, all trading caravans are secured with explosive contraptions that'd blow your arms off if tampered with. But that won't pose a hindrance to you, as you have the kind of skills and intuition the average, lowly raider-type lacks.

You simply walk up to any compatible traveling merchant caravan's pack Brahmin and press E to be presented multiple options on how to get rich fast:

EXPLOSIVES: Disposing of a little IED is no trouble for you, a certified expert in the fields of bomb defusal and cap redistribution.
REPAIR: While you aren't trained in handling explosives specifically, you definitely can rearrange cables and tripwires to spell out your favorite obscenities for when these stupid suckers check on the load you hauled off hours ago.
LUCK: Sometimes it's best to just focus on the two most important things in life - blue wire, red wire? And then to close your eyes and let Fortuna guide your plier, 'cause your brain most certainly won't.
LIGHT STEP: Who needs skills when you're freakishly nimble? You're the ninja of the wastes, bypassing any rickety contraptions the man uses to keep that brandmarked GRA boomstick out of your deserving hands with absolute ease.
TERRIFYING PRESENCE: You're not one to pussyfoot around a good old-fashioned stick-up - gotta get your hands bloody if you want to earn someone else's keep, and sometimes a healthy mix of raw violence and intimidation just wins out when words no longer do.

But never forget: robberies are a two-step process! You may get your hands on the objects of your desire, but can you stay unnoticed, pockets full of jingle-jangle-jingling commodities that aren't technically yours? Well, it certainly won't hurt to make sure you know how to SNEAK away after you're done. Don't take your success for granted. There's always a CHANCE they won't give up their stuff without a fight.

Compatibility and other notes:
This mod is incompatible with any mod that edits the base forms of the Brahmin affected by this mod. I know of none that do, but there's a bunch of mods changing a lot of stuff at this point, so be warned that patching may be required in some fringe cases.

As of v1.1, this mod only allows you to rob trading caravans with which you were able to trade in the base game as well as those for whom a patch exists, as the required script needs to be added manually to the pack animals in question.

I recommend using
 Working Crimson Caravan Traders by Yukichigai or Yukichigai's Tweaks (currently only available in the Viva New Vegas guide), which already has it included to make the non-interactive base game Crimson Caravan traders robbable as well.

For Modders:
Want to expand this mod's functionality to a trading caravan of your choice? Feel free to do so! All you need is a Brahmin (or any NPC or creature of your choice, really) that's linked to a trader with a designated vendor container. Assign them the aaRCBrahminScript and you're all set!
Want to do away with the dependency and straight-up port the script and messages into your mod? Go ahead, all you need to do is credit me.

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I'm grateful for all donations, as I spend a large part of my free time creating and supporting my mods, and a bit of monetary compensation, for all the joy improving other people's gameplay experiences brings me, is still always a nice bonus. Thank you.