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Adds a small, highly detailed and fully realised coffee-shop styled player home to the north of Goodsprings. The mod is completely faction-neutral and features a full lore-friendly backstory told via terminals notes and atmosphere. This mod also features a few new textures and meshes including a new light up Coffee Maker texture!

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Welcome Traveller!
The long dormant Goodsprings Coffeehouse springs into action - as mysterious lights on the once silent building illuminate. Has someone recently moved in? or has there been a stowaway inhabiting the once thought abandoned building all along?

Discover the backstory behind a forgotten Goodsprings relic and maybe even move into the historically Caffeine-fueled hideout. With plenty of secrets to discover in this densely packed and highly detailed player-house it's sure to be one of the more unique wasteland locations you'll come across.

This is my first Fallout: New Vegas Mod so I'm fairly excited for everyone to try it out. I've spent hundreds of hours getting it just right, producing screenshots, writing a tangible backstory, dealing with issues in the Geck and bothering the poor people of the Nexus Mods Discord with my questions!

If you decide to try this mod I'd like to thank you for doing so! If enjoyed it - maybe leave an endorsement and check out my other mods (Skyrim SE) on the Nexus.

So why make a Coffee House in New Vegas?

I have two main reasons (other than why not?)

I worked as a barista during my university time and I've always been a massive Fallout fan. One of the things about New Vegas that always bothered me was the lack of coffee shops In the wasteland, so I set out to fix that.

My second motive for making this mod was the lack of quality early game player housing - the only thing that really comes close is Victor's Shack and well - it's not all that interesting or engaging.

So with a lot of free quarantine time, plenty of caffeine and a fresh install of New-Vegas I set out to imagine what a post apocalyptic coffee shop could look like. Even better - one you could call home.

Still not convinced? Check out my walkthrough in the next section!

Maybe a video for a mod like this seems a tad overkill, but as of 2020 the world is tending towards fallout anyway and I have lots of spare time. This video will hopefully give you an idea of the intended vision I had for this player homes atmosphere and help you decide if you wan't to install it for your next New Vegas playthrough.

Convinced now? let's move onto installation then!

The following section covers installation of this mod, it's a fairly simple affair as far as mods go but please read this section carefully and follow all the below instructions.

Before proceeding, check you have satisfied the following requirements: (Mandatory)

  • Fallout: New Vegas up to date
  • Own, have installed and activate all Fallout: New Vegas DLC
  • Your preferred Mod Manager is up to date and ready to go! (if you plan on using one, although - you really should)
Once you are happy that you at least satisfy the above minimum requirements follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Install with preferred mod manager of choice (Recommended)
Method 2) Drag and drop Data folder into your Fallout: New Vegas directory.

IMPORTANT: I suggest you load this mod AFTER any texture / mesh mods you are currently using as I have modified a few textures / meshes to allow for the glowing sign, light up coffee machine & exterior window lighting. If you are using vortex, allow this mod to overwrite other texture mods. This is where manual installation naturally falls short.

As above, I ask you read this section carefully if you wish to remove this mod. Similarly with installation, it's quite simple.

Again, Follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Uninstall with preferred mod manager (Recommended)
Method 2) Remove/delete GSCH.esp from the data folder, GSCoffeeHouse folder from Data > meshes folder and GSCH from Data > Textures folder.

I recommend using the first method. If you choose to follow the second method please be careful that you only delete the files listed above. You don't want to go deleting vanilla files or assets from other mods! I have highlighted what you need to delete in bold and underlined the direct folder where this should exist. 

  • Small Highly detailed and fully functional player home/ hideout styled on a run down post apocalyptic but beautiful and stylish former coffee shop
  • Light Switches
  • Custom glowmap textures adding lighting to the coffee machine!
  • More custom glowmap textures creating a glowing Neon Sign!
  • Textures making exterior windows light up in a cozy warm orange.
  • Faction Neutral and Balanced for any stage of the game
  • Secret access buttons for the coffee house staff-room
  • Innovative and interesting storage options
  • Full lore-friendly backstory told via terminals & Notes
  • New consumable "Coffee" hidden within (Maybe the terminal holds some information on where to look?)
  • Unique "Staff-Room" area - with multiple access methods, feel free to lock-pick the door or maybe look for another way in (There are multiple)
  • Cleaned and polished with FNVEdit
  • Fully Navmeshed Inside & Outside for followers
  • A lot of clutter, particularly in the staff room is static - this is to preserve the desired look of the house and to maintain early game balance.
  • Garden area that has been partially reclaimed by the desert.

The Goodsprings Coffee House is located to the north of Goodsprings, follow the road adjacent to the gas station to 
reach your new home.

The location of your new hideout can be seen in the below GIF 

You can also check the mod page images for the map location

I leave access to the Coffee House up to you. The key is located in the immediate surrounding area of the coffee house. explore!

If you don't feel like a treasure hunt, the key is located: 


Once inside, to gain access to the staff room, again - I leave it up to you.

If you really can't be bothered looking for a way in or were curious what other options there were:


  • LimeMods - Mod Creator (Me!)
  • Peach for some Design Advice
  • Bezz for some Texuring / Mesh Advice
  • AnewFranz, Pickysaurus & Glitchfinder on Discord for listening and advising on my numerous questions!

I can be contacted / followed at the following - feel free to pass on any feedback or even give me a follow for new mods & content:

  • I can be contacted on NexusMods (I'm Semi-Active in checking messages or comments)
  • Active on Discord @ Lime#0909 on both NexusMods & NexusMods - Mod Author Discord
  • @LiamYules on Twitter & Instagram (Follow me for mod updates!)

If you read this far, thanks! I'd like to take this opportunity to once again ask you to endorse this mod if you enjoyed it and provide any feedback you may have. I'm very proud of my work and any opportunity to make improvements based on community feedback is greatly appreciated.