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You can now take screenshots with the Codac R9000 given by Michael Angelo during the quest "Classic Inspiration."

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You can now take screenshots with the Codac R9000 given by Michael Angelo during the quest "Classic Inspiration."
Read the description first, that's important!

IStewieAI's Tweaks

Install the mod. Like usual.
In Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini make sure that bAllowScreenShot is set to 1.
IStewieAI's Tweaks' ini file nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini and set iScreenshotKey to 88. This binds the screenshot function to the F12 key. The key will be triggered in-game only so if you have any software like Steam which use F12, don't worry. I tested with Steam Overlay enabled and the Screenshot shortcut key set to F12 and it works. If it's not completely clear watch the video or ask for more details in the comments.
make sure bUseFlipExSwapMode in NVTF.ini is set to 0. If set to 1 it will break the screenshot function.

Add fScopeScissorAmount=0 under [Display] in either Fallout.ini or FalloutCustom.ini recommended.
FOV Slider
users, disable Scope Scissor Amount in the MCM menu.

FalloutCustom.ini is a new feature added by JIP LN NVSE. Description from the mod page:
"FalloutCustom.ini may now be created in the game's user folder (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV). Setting entries included in this file will overwrite the values defined in either Fallout.ini or FalloutPrefs.ini. This allows modifying the game's configuration files without actually editing them. This also ensures any INI tweaks will persist and will not be reset/discarded by a mod organizer or the default "launcher.
Mod Organizer will create the ini file automatically, just open INI Editor in MO's Tools section to edit it.

Some settings from IStewieAI's Tweaks that you may like, you can find them in nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini:

= 1 to enable ; = 0 to disable

; automatically convert taken screenshots into various formats e.g. jpg
bCustomScreenshotFormat = 1
; format - jpg, tiff, bmp, png
sExtension = jpg

; jpg quality (0-100)
iJpgQuality = 100

; tiff color depth
iTiffColorDepth = 32

; stop the "Screenshot Created" message, optionally printing the message to console instead
bNoScreenshotPopup = 1
; copies the screenshot to the clipboard
bCopyToClipboard = 0

Custom iScreenshotKey: If you decide to bind another key, you WILL have to edit the mod's script. Using the GECK, find CodacCameraSCRIPT and replace TapKey 88 to TapKey + the scancode number corresponding to your key (here's a list of the scancodes).

You get the Codac R9000 from Michael Angelo for the Classic Inspiration side quest. If you want to test the mod right away install the CODAC R9000 - DEMO file.

If you ever run out of film, Sarah Weintraub at Vault 21 will sell you some.

There are seven types of film. Normal, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black and White overlays. If you'd like more feel free to make suggestions in the comment section, I'll see what I can do.

Not sure if you will ever need to but the Codac can be repaired with cameras (the misc items), Sarah will sell some too if you need it.

I removed the quest item tag so you can drop it.

The screenshots will appear in Fallout: New Vegas' main directory, where the Data folder is.

TTW - Get the optional file. Jonas will use the Codac R9000 when taking a picture of you and Dad. The camera will be found next to his body when escaping Vault 101. Camera films can be found on Jonas' body and bought from Moira Brown.

If you followed the description carefully you should be fine but games change from one PC to another so make sure to report any issue.
Anything editing the CODAC R9000 and the screenshot functions will cause incompatibilty. Incompatibilites with the CODAC can easily be fixed with FNVEdit but if you know of a mod (used by many people) that alter the screenshot function, report it to me.