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-- FO4-Port --
Adds a set of very cool and very tactical Oakley M-Frame sunglasses available for the player. Comes with 12 frame colours and 16 lens tints

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This is a port of the amazing Fallout4 mod by ZachTan1234 and i_code_i.
It adds a set of very cool and tactical looking Oakley M-Frame Sunglasses to Fallout New Vegas.

How to get:
The M-Frame in its 12 Color Variants can be crafted at a Workbench consuming 1 pair of Authority Glasses.

How to manually change the Lens Tint:
Copy the Cubemap of your preffered tint from the cubemaps folder into the main textures folder and replace the default black-tint "cubemap_e.dds".
Make sure that its all lowercase letters.

This Mod is bound to have *some* clipping with *some* Headshapes. The Meshes do not use .egm files that would allow them to morph with unusual headshapes.
When using normal heads with vanilla or FCO Races you wont get any noticable clipping or floating issues
Keep in mind that you can always very easily adjust the positioning of the glasses using nifskope. Small edits like 0.2 to the back and 0.1 up can make a big difference to fit it on your character!

hussky9 - Oakley M-Frame Assets (Original 3D-Model and Black textures)
Zephriam - Purchase of Assets
Ajhakra - Cubemaps
zachtan1234 & i_code_i- Original Fallout 4 Mod
AusAllerWelt & reveccamorikava - Screenshots
Nickheggo - Fallout New Vegas Port

Outfit Studio
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