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For New Vegas nitpickers. Consistent seating visuals in New Vegas gambling establishments and more.

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What!? Eww, no! Get your mind out of the gutter!

This mod is my contender for, what I hope, may be one of the most pedantic mods on the Nexus. Presenting...

Consistent Casino Stools v1.0
Author: zedas
June 30, 2020

Obsidian did various things to theme the casinos of New Vegas, but they left out the most important item. The stools! They made basically two stool types and used them just about everywhere. With a bit of texture and mesh kajiggering we can have a bit more variety and consistency. The Tops now has swinging red stools, the Ultra Luxe has suave black stools, Gomorrah has it's rough and tumble stools, pristine pre-war stools reside in the Lucky 38, and the Atomic wrangler has... well... whatever they could find around. Also, crappy regular stools are exchanged for all the clean red ones found in the wasteland, as they are now a singular attraction of The Tops Hotel & Casino. Crappy vaults have their stools exchanged for ruined versions. I mean... unblemished stools in defaced and abandoned vaults? C'mon Obsidian. All this combines for what may be the most immersive and nit picky mod experience yet available. Enjoy.

What does it do exactly?
-Adds nv_blackjacktablegamblerRed mesh and texture for red Blackjack stools
-Adds non environment mapped DinerStool01Red mesh and texture for red stools
-Adds nv_blackjacktablegamblerBlack mesh and texture for black Blackjack stools
-Adds non environment mapped DinerStool01Black mesh and texture for black stools
-Adds non environment mapped Dinerstool01Ruined mesh for ruined stools (textures are in NV files, but were never utilized)
-Adds stool02Ruined movable static mesh for ruined stools

-Changes all GamblingStool01RedL to non EV mapped DinerStool01Red mesh (saves on draw calls, minor performance increase)
-Regular environment mapped red stools redesignated as 'mint' stools.
-'Mint' stools only used in Lucky38 and Vault 21

-Changes all gambling and Blackjack stools in The Tops to red version
-Changes all gambling and Blackjack stools in the Ultra Luxe to clean black version
-Keep regular gambling and Blackjack stools at Gomorrah and Vikki&Vance
-Changes Atomic Wrangler's clean red gambling stools to ruined version (run down like the rest of the place)

-Changes clean red stools at Gomorrah's bar to regular version (upper bar in Zoara Club keeps red stools. It's supposed to be nicer)
-Changes regular stools at Ultra Luxe's bar to clean black version
-Changes clean red stools in Vault 11 to ruined version
-Changes regular stools in Vault 19 to ruined version
-Changes regular stools stools in Vault 22 to ruined version
-Changes regular stools in Vault 34 to ruined version
-Changes clean red stools to regular and occasionally ruined version at: Grub n' Gulp, Ranger Safehouse, Prospector's Den, Aerotech Offices, Great Khan Longhouse, Follower's outpost, Little Yangtze Watchtower, The Bison Steve Hotel

-Changes altered stools in front of slot machines to 'NoLean' type
-Changes stools in front of broken slot machines to non gambling type and set 'ignored by sandbox' flag
-Adds new seating to relevant form lists

1) Use your mod organizer or unzip it in the data folder I don't know what young people do these days!

Compatibility/Known Issues:
-This mod should be loaded early as its changes are not all that important in the grand scheme of things.
-This mod is 100% compatible with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch at date 06/30/2020. xEdit will show some conflicts, but these are known, intentional, and are fine

Any comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Please leave them in the comments section or send  
me a message.

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- Elminster & others for xEdit without which making these mods would be a frickin nightmare
- Roy Batty - nukem - lStewieAl - jazzisparis - LuthienAnarion - carxt for GECK Extender which saves a lot of headache in the G.E.C.K.
- Obsidian and Bethesda for Fallout New Vegas and the tools to allow me to muck with it.