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This mod adds animation, sounds and makes functionals the Automatron and the Eyebot Pod, both statics models created by prodlimen. Please, read description for mor info.

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This mod adds animation, sounds and makes functionals the Automatron and the Eyebot Pod, both statics models created by prodlimen for his mod Automatron NV (modders resource)
More Automatrons and robots will be added to the Mojave eventually. Track the mod for updates if you like it. Share your comments and opinions. This will help to improve the mod.  I will make a FO3 version eventually.


The Automatron is located outside Cerulean Robotics building. The Automatron works like a terminal. Upon activation, you will access to the Automatron options. Each robots has its requirements like spare parts, scrap electronics and so on. 

Important: whenever you assemble a robot, close the terminal. If you continue assembling robots without closing the terminal, all robots will appear in the same space. Watch video below for more info
You can build six kind of robots so far:

- Protectron
- Mr Gutsy
- Sentry Bot
- Securiton MK II
- Titan
-Floating TV


The Eyebot Pod is located inside the Remmants Enclave bunker. Activate it to build an eyebot. If you do no meet the rquirements, a message will appear to remind you what you need. The eyebot pod only creates regular eyebots so far.


The interaction with robots created in the Automatron and the Eyebot Pod is very basic.  All robots share a very simple script that will allow you to order them to follow you or wait. They heal after combat, but some, like the eyebot and the protectron, are not very durable. You can build as many robots as you want , as long as you have the enough materials.


- Extract the the AutomatronAnimation.rar in your FONV data folder.
- Install the texture folders from the following mods:
 Automatron NV (modders resource)
 Floating TVs of Death (modders resource)

Titan Fallout at Fallout New Vegas


Bethesda and Nexus community
and pixelate for his Animation Tutorials
prodlimen for his mod Automatron NV (modders resource) and Floating TVs of Death (modders resource)
dragbody and Hopper31 for the permission to use the assets from the mod Titan Fallout at Fallout New Vegas