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Fallout 2 K-9 Cyberdog (MODDERS RESOURCE)


This adds to the game a recreation of K-9, an advanced cyberdog that was a potential companion in Fallout 2. He can be found in Yangtze Memorial. It's a modders resource.

According to Fallout Wiki, K-9 is an advanced cyberdog created by Dr. Schreber and has abilities that extend beyond that of a normal cyberdog. While his background story would suggest he has all 4 legs cybernetic, I decided to let him keep the front ones organic, so he can stand out from Rex and Old World Blues Cyberdogs. The Legion bull mark was also removed.

K-9, unlike most cyberdogs, is fully sentient and has been modified with vocal organs, allowing him to communicate verbally in several languages. Because of this, a little speaker was put in his helmet.


- A dog model that recreates Fallout 2 K-9 Cyberdog.


* The model lacks of Dismembered parts.

* The plugin provided only puts the model in Yangtze Memorial to showcase the model. K-9 Cyberdog is not a fully developed companion.

* K-9 is not voiced; instead he uses Rex voice files.




Fallout New Vegas.

1) Download the file called K9.zip
2) Unzip the file.
3) Open the folder called K9.
4)Grab both Meshes and Textures folders and the plugin K9.esp and drop them into your Data Folder
(the one where your FalloutNV.exe and FalloutNVLauncher.exe are located).
5) Open Fallout Mod Manager or any other Mod Manager you're using, find the plugin K9.esp and tick it. Start the game.

1)Go to your Data folder (the one where your FalloutNV.exe and FalloutNVLauncher.exe are located), open your meshes
folder, then open your creatures folder, then open your Dog folder and erase the file K9.nif; then open your textures folder and erase the one called 1prodlimenbox; 4)Go to your Data folder again and erase the plugin called K9.esp

Blender 2.49 (Modeling and Reshapping).
GIMP 2.10.10 (Retexturing).

Prodlimen for reshaping and retexturing the original assets with the use of vanilla resources.
Black Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment for developing and publishing Fallout 2.
Obsidian for creating Fallout New Vegas and the original asset.
Blender and GIMP development teams for creating such amazing tools.

You're allowed to use/modify this assets as long as you give proper credit.