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Adds a new location to the Big Mt complete with detailed interiors, a new Unique weapon, and L O R E.

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Welcome to the Z-76 Crystal Observation Center!  Please dont touch the crystals!
The Old world still has secrets to share as a new Facility has emerged from the depths of Star Bright Cavern. Before the war Z-76 was used as proving grounds for research on the strange crystals you see throughout the Big Mt. Though the work there has long since ceased there is still something of value hidden among the ruins. Beware though as the crystals have had a strange effect on the denizens that remain...

Explore the crystal observation center and find the fruits of Z-76's Labor.

Required DLC: Old World Blues, Lonesome Road.

Credits: RikkuRikku for the "Crystalizer" Weapon https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/4058878

Thanks for downloading, Hope you have fun with it!