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Retexture of the Prospectors' outfit01 used for female PCs.
These textures can be OPTIONS for a female player character, if the mod 'COURIER'S INTRO OUTFIT' is being used.
Can also be used independently as a texture-replacer for all ingame 'prospectors' outfit01. The're 4 versions and some optional files.
* View included credits.

Permissions and credits
Hi there, this is a small texture-mod.
It will change the 'Prospectors' outfit01.
There are screenshots to visualize what's going on here.
By default, there are two female variants ingame; one looks worn-out and tired(outfit01) and the other one looks casual and happy(outfit02).
This small mod does really nothing more than change the peasant-looking vanilla 'prospectors' outfit01 the game generates for a reason--it's supposed to be a harsh and dusty world in New Vegas.
It will over-write all the in-game prospectors--'outfit01.
There are 4 versions to choose from--please view the well-sorted screenshots included in the zip-file.
Additionally, there's an optional file ( interfaceshared01) for the 'VAULT GIRL MOD NV' created by bigCman123.
I adapted this from the 'Crosshair Ultimate Project-CUP' created by Aramandur  - -  * can be used as an alternative crosshair.
The 'vault-girl-mod' uses the default game-crosshair and this is just something I patched alongside.

This could be used as the female version of the 'COURIER'S INTRO OUTFIT' mod by 'VanitusGamer' ,  found on NEXUSMODS.
Actually, this was made (someone wanted this..) to give the really nice mod 'VanitusGamer' made a couple of years ago some texture-options for the female version of the 'COURIER'S INTRO OUTFIT'.
I tried out this very cool mod and whilst the male version named 'Courier Caraveener Outfit' ingame looks really neat, the female version VanitusGamer directed the mod to,  uses the vanilla texture of the prospectors outfit01--of course..
So, these can be options for the female version, if the 'COURIER'S INTRO OUTFIT'-mod is being used.
Downloadable VanitusGamer's mod on:
NEXUSMODS (this site),  the path is:
All games--Fallout New Vegas--Mods--Armour--Courier's Intro Outfit--Files--Courier's Suspenders.
*Mod-name:  'COURIER'S INTRO OUTFIT' made by VanitusGamer.
*File to download is named: 'Courier's Suspenders'.
These textures look just fantastic on the female-player-character(PC), or on any NPC wearing that outfit.
Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road.
***** OTHERWISE, or 'How-Can-I-Use-These-Textures ?????
This retexture can be used for your own work, if you're using the 'prospectors' mesh, or using the GECK, NifScope or Blender e.t.c.
Another option would be to just use these textures for game-play without the mods recommended here.
You would see the outfits in-game on any PC/NPC wearing the 'prospectors' outfit01. So, followers/companions can wear these if they have the 'prospectors' outfit01 in their inventory -- tip, it can be given to them via inventory-check.

*** Bethesda and Obsidian for their FUN game***.
*** NEXUSMODS--for the ocean-of-mods. Great site and well-organized legends to sort all those game-mods...

*** 'VanitusGamer' --- for the inspiration and giving permission to link this mod to the---'COURIER'S INTRO OUTFIT' mod.
*** Poses in screenshots come from 'Raestloz-PC-Idles'--"Breathing-Some-Live-Into-Them-Meshes".
*** Pip-Boy model in some screenshots by Authors: AlexScorpion and Brianide.
*** jonas ( jonas66 )--Boots Made For Walking For Type 3 -- check included screenshot links in the 'Recommended-Mods' folder..
*** Nice weather used in screenshots come from Yossarian's 'NEVADA SKIES-WEATHER EFFECTS' -- beautiful.
*** New Vegas Script Extender NVSC  ( otherwise, also known as FalloutModManagerNV )--Thanks for making modding easier.
*** 'bigCman123' --- 'VAULT GIRL MOD NV'
*** 'Aramandur'--- 'Crosshair Ultimate Project -- CUP'
INFO:   All named mods should be available here on NEXUSMODS.
I've included reference-screenshots -- (CREDITs) -- to help if searching for them.

TOOLS used here:
*** Adobe Photoshop CS
*** Nvidia DDS-Plug-In for photoshop helped to get some depth into the graphics.
*** New Vegas Script Extender NVSC
*** G.E.C.K.
*** NifScope

Pick your choice after viewing the included screenshots--copy the 'Textures'-folder and paste it into your games Data-folder:
STEAM > steamapps > commom > Fallout New Vegas > Data  <<<<<< * paste the 'Textures' folder into Data.
Go to Data > Textures > Armor > prospectors  <<<<<< * delete the outfit01 or, delete the whole 'prospectors' file.
-----------------------------------------------------------------* And Thanks.