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This mod adds a watchtower to Goodsprings. Player Home. All downloadable content required.

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A little something I threw together using the GECK.  
All Fallout: New Vegas DLC required!  (and recommended)   

The watchtower is situated in the previously empty corner lot across the street from the general store. For beginning characters, it's easily the first thing you will see upon leaving Doc Mitchell's house. Not companion-friendly.


There are multiple versions to choose from. Only one file is necessary.
Download with a mod manager of your choice, or manually. Extract with WinRAR. Mod is an esp. 

Known issues:

Easy Pete might go to sleep in your bed. [Unresolved]

The jarring radio static has been addressed and no longer plays 24/7. The transmission begins at 10:30 am and ends at noon. [Resolved]

Acknowledged and resolved an incompatibility with wasteland flora and terrain overhaul, where a cactus was merged with the house. The main file and two alternative versions should be fully compatible with the terrain overhaul. [Resolved]